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The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) values good governance, risk management, and internal control processes. In 2007, the North Carolina General Assembly enacted the North Carolina Internal Audit Act (pdf, 21kb), enabling the Department to strengthen its governance processes with an enhanced program of internal auditing.

Internal Audit and Advisory Services provides unbiased, objective assessments of whether the Department’s resources are responsibly and effectively managed to achieve intended results. Our role is a cornerstone of good public sector governance and supports the DPI by providing independent oversight, insight, and foresight in the form of financial audits, operational audits, investigations, and advisory services.


  • To continually learn and improve in order to serve the Department with the highest level of client satisfaction within our independent and objective role
  • To serve as a change agent to encourage fiscal integrity and continuing improvement in program delivery and program effectiveness
  • To build strong and effective working relationships through mutual respect and teamwork
  • To leave every place a little better than we found it


Send a message to to report potential fraud , waste, or abuse of the Department of Public Instruction's assets or resources. Please provide specific information (who, what, where, when, why, and how) so that we may investigate the matter thoroughly. If you would like us to contact you directly please provide your contact information.