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The documents listed below are some of those requested by the Office of Migrant Education (OME) as part of the monitoring process. Other monitoring documentation will be reviewed as part of OME’s visit during January, 2010.

Item 1a: Current SEA Organization Chart
(pdf, 29kb)

Item 1b: Current NC DPI Program Monitoring and Support Division Organization Chart
(pdf, 44kb)

Item 2: State Report Card

Items 3 and 5: North Carolina Migrant Education Service Delivery Plan
(doc, 0kb)

Item 6: 2008-09 Funding Factors with Allotments
(pdf, 12kb)

Item 7: State-developed Policy Guidance and Training Materials Related to Migrant Student Eligibility and Quality Control: Quality Assurance Manual
(pdf, 1.4mb)

Item 7a: Data Training Powerpoints
(pdf, 0kb)

MEP Data Updates_1-race ethnicity and surnames
(ppt, 217kb)

Item 7b: ID and R Training Powerpoints

ID&R Update 09
(ppt, 2.2mb)

Oct 08 NCACE
(ppt, 1.6mb)

Service Area Meeting ID&R
(ppt, 734kb)

Training National COE
(ppt, 490kb)

Item 7c: Webinar powerpoints from Service Delivery and QA trainings

SDP Webinar Presentation
(ppt, 2.1mb)

Quality Assurance webinar slideshow 3-06_CL
(ppt, 416kb)

Item 9a: Statewide Comprehensive Needs Assessment Results, Policies, Guidance, and Training Materials

North Carolina Migrant Education Comprehensive Needs Assessment 2007
(doc, 172kb)

Item 9b: Training Powerpoints for Comprehensive Needs Assessments

PP on CNA for Service Mtgs._1
(ppt, 76kb)

Item 12a: Written Procedures for Assessing Students and How Migrant Students Are Included in the State's Standards-based Assessment System
(pdf, 0kb)

Item 12b: Further Accountability Information Pertinent to Migrant Students

Item 12c: Migrant Student Achievement highlight

Item 13: State Assessment Data Disaggregated at the State Level

(pdf, 0kb)

(pdf, 0kb)

(pdf, 0kb)

Item 14: Recent A-133 Single State Audit Reports with Findings Regarding the MEP

Item 15: Current Subrecipient Guidelines

Item 15a: Updated Application Rubric
Rubric for Migrant Education Application
(pdf, 17kb)

Item 18: Personnel Activity Reporting System
(doc, 44kb)