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School liaison officers support their local military communities by acting as a bridge between the military family and the local school systems. They are a wealth of knowledge on local services and resources in their communities and are adept at guiding school related issues to resolution for military families.

If you are a military family and you need information on local community schools and child services, your installation school liaison office or school system’s military family counselor is a great place to start.


Fort Bragg, North Carolina
We serve Fort Bragg and the surrounding North Carolina counties: Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Lee, Moore, Richmond, Robeson, and Scotland.

Fort Bragg Schools and the surrounding counties school system liaisons
866.567.5899 (phone)
910.432.1008 (Administrative Assistant)

Emily Chapman Grimes
910.907.5045 (phone)
910.907.5046 (fax)

Gerhard Guevarra
910.432.1023 (phone)

Iris Pierce
910.396.3338 (phone)

Shevelle Godwin
910.907.5044 (phone)


Marine Corps Air Station - Cherry Point
Desiree Satterfield, MAED
School Liaison Officer
PSC Box 8003
Cherry Point, NC 28533-0003
252.466.7648 (phone)

Marine Corps Base - Camp Lejeune & New River
Julie Fulton, MSA
School Liaison Officer (NF4)
Bldg. 1 Suite 144
910.449.9915 (work)
910.382.5639 (cell)

Donna Grady, M. Ed.
School Liaison Officer
4012 S. Butler Dr., Midway Park, NC 28544
910.449.9749 (work)
910.358.3926 (cell)


Pope Army Airfield
Mrs.Laurie Salafia
Fort Bragg School Liaison
910.394.2538 (phone)
910.394.4346 (fax)

Seymour Johnson AFB
Robert E Freeman
SJAFB School Liaison Officer
919.722.0691 (phone)
DSN 722.0691