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The NC Reads initiative targets reading support to preschoolers and elementary students across the state.

The NC Reads initiative has three goals:

  • ensure that preschool and elementary students have books to read at home;
  • engage schools and community service organizations in collecting books or funding for books to donate to elementary and preschool children; and
  • provide an online resource to easily connect volunteers and donors to local book drives.

All North Carolinians can play a role in developing a state of readers. NC Reads highlights community book donation programs and connects donors to local opportunities with the goal of providing every preschooler and elementary school student with books in their homes so that they learn the joy of reading from an early age.

A revamped website provides a clearinghouse of local book drive sponsors so that volunteers and donations can be connected to local organizations that sponsor local book drives and fundraising efforts.

This is the fifth consecutive year that the NC Department of Public Instruction has encouraged local communities to collect or purchase and distribute appropriate books to elementary school students. The goal of the book drives is to ensure that students have at least five books to read over the summer break to help prevent summer reading loss. Research from Harvard University shows that reading as few as five books helps students to better retain literacy skills over the summer. In 2016, 137 schools across 48 districts and one charter school collected nearly 460,000 new and gently used books that were distributed before summer break.

This year NCDPI will again partner with myON, a division of Capstone, to offer every K-5 student in the state access to the personalized literacy tool myON Reader. Elementary school students are invited to use this tool during the summer months. In 2016, students across the state collectively read 220,000 books online using the myON tool. Districts and charter schools interested in enrolling in the myON program this summer should contact Darren Drye, myON Account Manager.

The school that collects the most books will receive a free one-year schoolwide license to the online literacy tool provided by campaign partner myON.

For more information, please contact Diane Dulaney.