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High Student Achievement | Quality Administrators, Teachers & Staff | Efficient and Effective Operations | Safe and Orderly Schools

High Student Achievement

  • $99 million for incentive awards for certified staff and teacher assistants in schools meeting and exceeding their ABCs goals for 1998-99;
  • $24 million to low-performing schools to help raise student achievement by providing a base allocation, then additional formula-directed differential awards for schools with the greatest needs;
  • $2.8 million for Advanced Placement (AP) tests and International Baccalaureate tests and staff development for teachers in these areas;
  • $4.2 million for additions to the testing program;
  • $30.6 million to reduce grade three class size to one teacher and one teacher assistant for each 23 students;
  • $10 million to provide additional services to assist Limited English Proficiency students;
  • $25 million for Children with Special Needs, $3.7 million for Academically Gifted children, $3.6 million reserve for Severely Disabled Children;
  • $52.8 million in continuation adjustments for student population growth to maintain progress on current initiatives (teachers, assistants, students with special needs).


Quality Administrators, Teachers & Staff

  • $193 million to continue the second year (6.5% salary increase) of the four-year Excellent Schools Act (ESA) goal to raise teacher salaries to the national average by the year 2000;
  • $14.7 million to continue the mentor program for first-year teachers as outlined in the ESA, and expand it to serve second-year teachers and student teachers, including three additional days of employment for new teachers to cover orientation and classroom preparation;
  • $1.6 million to develop a new teacher evaluation instrument to replace the Teacher Performance Appraisal Instrument (TPAI) and for new evaluation criteria for professional school personnel;
  • $3.5 million to fund an additional forfeited teacher vacation day based on school and school system changes in the school year calendar (increases maximum to five days);
  • $2.3 million for application fees and up to three days paid leave for teachers to apply for certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, another ESA component;
  • $35.9 million for three days extended staff development for all teachers;
  • $35.9 million to extend months of employment for some teachers;
  • $15.8 million to increase certified substitute teacher pay to 75% of beginning teacher's rate;
  • $5.7 million to increase teacher assistants to the State Board-approved pay grade;
  • $4.2 million to reinstate the 3% pay differential between assistant principals'/principals' salary schedule and the teacher salary schedule.


Efficient and Effective Operations

  • $6 million for first-year work on replacing the Student Information Management System (SIMS);
  • $71 million for school technology;
  • $160,000 in increased licensing fees to provide four additional licensing specialists (requires no new money but approval of fee increase);
  • $144,000 to fully fund State Information Processing Services (SIPS) charges;
  • $491,000 for five additional DPI positions and two auditor positions (in the State Treasurer's office) for state-level administration of charter schools;
  • $20 million to avoid reducing an LEA's allotment the first year it is affected by students leaving the LEA to attend a local charter school;
  • $9 million to cover workers' compensation rising costs, rising claims;
  • $5.7 million for replacement of 13-year or older school buses.


Safe and Orderly Schools

  • $10.5 million to allow systems to employ school resource officers (SROs) in 352 middle schools;
  • $31.7 million for at-risk student services/alternative schools (743 schools serving grades 6-12) to provide one additional instructional support position in each school;
  • $500,000 to provide statewide sports medicine program.


About the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction:
The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction provides leadership to 115 local public school districts and 126 charter schools serving over 1.5 million students in kindergarten through high school graduation. The agency is responsible for all aspects of the state's public school system and works under the direction of the North Carolina State Board of Education.

For more information:
NCDPI Communication and Information Division, 919.807.3450.