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NEWS RELEASES 2001-02 :: DECEMBER 17, 2001


For only $99.95 you, your business or your community organization can provide valuable professional development support to a teacher in your local schools.

At this modest price, you can provide a one-year scholarship that will allow a teacher, principal or other educator to enroll in as many as 139 online technology courses through the NCwin Scholarship Program for Educators. This scholarship program was organized through a cooperative effort of the NC Department of Public Instruction, the NC Business Committee for Education and the Training and Education in the 21st Century (TE21) Company to help local educators meet technology competencies.

The North Carolina Web instruction network (NCwin) is an innovative Internet learning portal that was specifically designed for North Carolina teachers. Teachers and other educators are required to develop technology skills annually and to earn technology course credits in order to renew their state licenses.

"The NCwin Scholarship program is a good value and an excellent way to provide very practical support to local educators," said State Superintendent Mike Ward. "I would encourage local business partners, PTAs or other community groups to consider this as one way to provide needed support to our schools."

The online courses provided through NCwin allow teachers to earn credits in a wide range of courses suited to meet a variety of needs and skill levels. Because they are online, the courses also allow teachers to learn new skills from their home or school computers and on the schedule that works best for them. Some of the available courses in NCwin's library include Word, Powerpoint, Access, Excel (1997 and 2000), FrontPage (97, 98, 2000, and 2002) Photoshop 5.5, Visual Basic 5 and Windows 95 through 2000, as well as an introductory "What is the Internet?" course.

Corporate or organizational scholarship sponsors will be able to enroll their organization's employees in the NCwin Comprehensive Library for the same low price offered to public school employees. In funding scholarships for educators, organizations can designate educators at a particular school, schools or districts or provide unrestricted support.

The NC Business Committee for Education has developed several levels of sponsorship:

Statewide $100,000+ 1000+ teachers/educators
Platinum $100,000 1,000 teachers/educators
Gold $50,000 500 teachers/educators
Silver $25,000 250 teachers/educators
Bronze $10,000 100 teachers/educators
Premium $5,000 50 teachers/educators
Contributing $1,000 10 teachers/educators

Scholarship sponsors will receive recognition for their support on NC DPI's Web site,, and the NCwin learning portal,

For more information or to sponsor NCwin Scholarships, please call TE21, the company that administers the NCwin library, at 919.481.4045, or call the NC Business Committee for Education, the fiscal agent for the scholarship program, at 919.715.3535.

For more information about NCwin's course offerings and technology requirements for teachers, please contact Frances Bradburn, director, Instructional Technology, DPI, at 919.807.3292.

Messages for Superintendents/Principals Newsletters

NCwin Scholarship Fund Being Established - NC DPI, the NC Business Committee for Education and TE21 (Training and Education in the 21st Century) have joined together to organize a scholarship fund for NCwin, the online library of technology courses available to teachers, principals and other educators. For only $99.95 per educator, a local business partner, civic group, PTA or other group can sponsor scholarships that will provide access to nearly 140 online technology courses. The courses in NCwin (NC Web instruction network) are selected to help teachers and other educators satisfy requirements for technology course credits. Sponsoring organizations also are eligible to enroll their employees in the library for the same price offered to public school employees. If your local business and civic partners are interested in this opportunity, please have them contact the NC Business Committee for Education, at 919.715.3535 or the TE21 Company at 919.481.4045 or by email at

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