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NEWS RELEASES 2001-02 :: FEBRUARY 28, 2002


Lou Fabrizio, Accountability Services director for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, was selected as one of 21 negotiators for the Title I rule-making process for "No Child Left Behind," the important new federal education act. Fabrizio is the only state accountability director and the only North Carolinian selected to serve on this committee.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education Susan B. Neuman yesterday announced the 21 members of the negotiating committee from a pool of more than 100 names submitted by organizations and individuals along with their comments on regulatory issues. The negotiating group represents a wide range of interests, all geographic regions, and the views of parents and students as well as educators and education officials.

"Lou's appointment to this committee is an affirmation of the respect he has earned across the country," State Superintendent Mike Ward said. "His appointment and the fact that the 'No Child Left Behind' Act was modeled, in part, on North Carolina's and Texas' accountability programs is quite a testament to the progress we've made."

The negotiating committee will meet in mid-March to review and revise draft regulations related to standards and assessments under Title I (Part A) of the "No Child Left Behind Act." Title I is designed to help disadvantaged children meet high academic standards. The "No Child Left Behind Act of 2001," signed into law on Jan. 8, amended the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 and provides support for federal education programs including Title I programs operated by school districts. The committee will not negotiate issues pertaining to adequate yearly progress (AYP). AYP and other Title I issues will be addressed through the regular rulemaking process, including input already received during focus groups and four planned regional meetings.

The negotiating committee's final proposed rules will be available for public comment when published in the Federal Register by May 1.

Fabrizio was named the Director of Accountability Services in August 1996. In this capacity, Fabrizio oversees the ABCs accountability program and the statewide testing program. He also serves on the Technical Advisory Committee for the Voluntary National Test, the Assessment Subcommittee on the Council of Chief State School Officers' Education Information Advisory Committee, and a committee for the National Academy of Sciences that is addressing district-level reporting of the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Fabrizio received his BS in physics from Georgetown University and his MS in Educational Administration and Supervision from North Carolina State University.

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