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NEWS RELEASES 2002-03 :: JUNE 11, 2003


The State Board of Education, meeting in a special session today, voted to delete portfolios from teacher licensure policies. The action was taken following the legislature's concerns about the requirements and the Governor's veto of a bill that could have eroded the Board's authority to set teacher licensure standards.

State Board Chairman Howard Lee said the Board intended to send "a clear signal" to the legislature and others who were concerned about portfolio requirements for teachers. Portfolios, consisting of lesson plans, students work, discipline logs, essays, a video and other items, were put in place for new teachers to comply with standards requirements for the Excellent Schools Act. Some teachers and administrators said the requirements were too burdensome and were driving away some new teachers.

The Board action puts into policy the statement, "A teacher shall not be required to prepare or submit a portfolio to receive an initial or continuing license."

Standards are still required in order for teachers to get the increase in salary that's required when they move from initial licensure to a continuing license at the end of their third year of teaching. Interim requirements set by the Board involve state monitoring of individual growth plans that are developed by the new teachers, their mentors and principals.

Gov. Mike Easley said, "The State Board and the Legislature agreed that the current portfolio requirement is not working. I am happy to see the State Board exercising its authority on this issue."

Chairman Lee said the Board would work with stakeholders to ensure that the state has high, reasonable standards for new teachers. He stated that the Board's action does not lower standards for teacher licensing.

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