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Administrator Training

The Principals' Executive Program (PEP), Center for School Leadership Development, at The University of North Carolina has a long standing relationship with school leaders in the Hoke County School System. Eight of the 11 principals, 2 assistant principals, 4 Central Office administrators, along with the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent, are graduates of PEP programs.

  1. Anticipated Outcomes - Strong Leadership Professional Development for all Hoke County administrators
    • Leadership will become more effective and efficient with the usage of available resources
    • Instructional leadership will be greatly enhanced
    • Strategic planning will be customized to meet identified goals
    • Employee recruitment and retention will be a major activity
    • Leadership will become the change agent for redesigning under-achieving schools
    • Professional development opportunities will be aligned with student achievement

  2. Implementation
    During the 2004-2005 year, PEP will to continue to support the Hoke County School system in the following ways:
    • Reserve slots in the Leadership Program for New Principals for first and second year principals (no fees required for this program).
    • Invite administrators named to their positions after July 1, 2004 to attend the Leadership Symposium for New School Administrators scheduled for November 16-17, 2004.
    • Continue year 2 of the Instructional Leadership for Reform Program (the 2 principals that participated during 2003 – 2004 will return for the second year program). Program is funded through Comprehensive School Reform funds.
    • PEP will offer slots in the Instructional Leadership for Reform Program to any Hoke County principal who wishes to attend and absorb the cost of their enrollment.
    • PEP faculty members or contracted personnel will serve as mentors for each principal of all Hoke County elementary schools. In this capacity these faculty members will make coaching visits to the schools and serve as a resource for the principals.
    • PEP faculty members will lead action research and study group sessions with the faculty members at each elementary school.
    • PEP will provide a two day training to help principals develop their skills in maximizing their time while monitoring instruction during Teacher Observations. The training will help principals conduct teacher observations focused on effective instruction, which will result in increased student achievement. PEP will make all arrangements for facilities, lodging, books and materials for a nominal fee for Hoke County administrators. The maximum size for this training will be 35 participants.
    • Realizing that teacher recruitment and teacher retention continues to be a major issue for Hoke County Schools, PEP will collaborate with the UNC School of Education and LEARN NC to train Hoke County Schools principals in using web based technology tools to provide support for new teachers and existing faculty members.
    • PEP will help Hoke County use the data from the North Carolina Teacher Working Conditions survey to develop strategies for addressing teacher concerns in order to reduce teacher turnover.
    • PEP will provide training for Hoke County administrators on NC WISE, The North Carolina Window of Information on Student Education, a statewide program that will provide teachers, principals, counselors, and others with access to data on students in the North Carolina school system.
    • PEP is working with school finance officers to develop a training module for school administrators which will help them maximize all of the resources available to them, i.e. money, personnel, equipment, materials, etc. This training module will be used in Hoke County

  3. Expected Costs for PEP Services
    Since PEP will be including Hoke administrators in some existing programs, the cost will be minimal. However, the customized services which will require frequent visits to Hoke County, additional materials, and the contracting of mentors/coaches will require PEP to seek additional funding. The estimated cost for these customized services is $34,000 for 2004-05.

Hoke County Board of Education v. State of North Carolina Letter

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