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Lateral Entry Coordinator

For each of the last several years, North Carolina schools have hired approximately 10,000 new teachers. Slightly less than one-third of new hires are individuals who have completed an approved teacher education program in North Carolina. Approximately the same percent of individuals enter teaching through lateral entry. The number of lateral entry personnel employed in North Carolina has steadily increased since 1995. In 1995, 833 lateral entry teachers were employed for the first time. In 1999, 1800 lateral entry teachers were employed for the first time. This number had increased to 2,112 in 2002. Although the retention of lateral entry personnel has improved since 1995, approximately half of lateral entry teachers resign after the second year of teaching.

In October 2003, approximately 11.88% of the 404 teacher licenses held by teachers in Hoke County Schools were lateral entry. This translated to 48 licenses out of a total of 404. Only 11 school districts in the state held a higher percentage of lateral entry licenses. Hoke County hired 47 lateral entry teachers for the 2002-2003 school year. Of those lateral entry teachers hired, 24% resigned at the end of the 2002-2003 school year (data provided by Hoke County Public Schools).

In response to the high numbers of lateral entry teachers in Hoke County, the Department of Public Instruction will work with the Hoke County Public Schools to identify funds to support a full-time coordinator to work with lateral entry teachers. The lateral entry coordinator will provide support to lateral entry teachers in their classrooms. Additionally, the coordinator will assist lateral entry teachers in meeting the requirements for a clear license. The Department believes this strategy will reduce teacher turnover, improve teacher quality in hard-to-staff schools, and help ensure that lateral entry teachers receive high quality professional development focused on their unique needs.

  1. Anticipated Outcomes

    • All lateral entry teachers successfully completing high-quality required 10-day training.
    • Increase in number of lateral entry teachers participating in high-quality professional learning experiences.
    • Increase in percentage of lateral entry teachers earning a clear license.
    • All lateral entry teachers reporting positive, meaningful mentor/mentee relationships.
    • Increase in number of lateral entry teachers remaining in LEA at end of first year, at end of second year, at end of third year.
    • Reduction in teacher attrition (lateral entry population) related to failure to satisfy license requirements.
    • Reduction in teacher attrition (lateral entry population) related to overwhelming demands.

  2. Implementation

    • Work requires implementation and monitoring of the Lateral Entry Coordinator Plan including a review of goals, strategies, timeline, and measures.
    • Work requires an understanding of North Carolina lateral entry criteria and conditions and an understanding of North Carolina licensing policies and procedures.
    • Work requires communication with LEA personnel including teachers, mentors, and administrators as well as communication with community college and IHE personnel.
    • Work requires communication and collaboration with Department of Public Instruction personnel.

  3. Specific Responsibilities-Work requires:

    1. collaborating with the Professional Development Specialist to design and deliver the 10-day required training for all lateral entry teachers in the LEA.
    2. advocating for the needs of lateral entry teachers in working with the Professional Development Specialist and the Project Achieve Director.
    3. collaborating with mentors, building-level and district administrators to support lateral entry teachers in developing, implementing, and monitoring professional growth plans.
    4. supporting an online mentoring program for lateral entry teachers.
    5. conducting ongoing formal and informal assessments of lateral entry teacher needs to design and deliver bi-monthly professional growth sessions.
    6. observing and conferencing with each lateral entry teacher at least once per week.
    7. assisting lateral entry teachers with planning, assessing and locating needed resources.
    8. assisting lateral entry teachers with contractual entry requirements (including, but not limited to, securing course outlines, completing coursework, timely registration for PRAXIS examinations, and other individual needs).
    9. assisting lateral entry teachers in having their transcripts reviewed and programs of study issued.
    10. working with local universities to identify coursework needed by lateral entry teachers.
    11. arranging for lateral entry teachers to complete needed coursework on-site.
    12. working with local universities to deliver NC TEACH on-line modules as appropriate.
    13. developing a toolkit for lateral entry teachers (including but not limited to sample lesson plans, effective teaching tips, classroom management strategies, and parent conferencing tips).
    14. researching and writing grants to secure funds to support lateral entry teachers (training, materials, coursework, etc.).
    15. other duties as may be jointly assigned by the Department of Public Instruction and Hoke County Schools.

  4. Minimum Education and Experience
    The lateral entry coordinator must hold at least a master’s degree in education and a valid North Carolina continuing teaching license. Experience in supervision is preferred. The individual must be eligible to serve as a mentor and have experience working with adult learners. Ideally, the individual would have knowledge of licensing requirements, knowledge of PRAXIS examinations, and experience in conducting professional development for teachers.

  5. Projected Costs
    Salary and benefits $75,000.00
    Position Support (travel, materials, training) 4,500.00
    TOTAL $79,500.00

Hoke County Board of Education v. State of North Carolina Letter

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