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Parent Toolkits
NBC News Education Nation's Parent Toolkit – This toolkit is designed to help parents gain a clear understanding of expectations for their children at each step in their academic journey. Filled with tips and tools to help parents engage in and monitor their children's learning and development, this toolkit has been reviewed by an expert panel of classroom teachers, parents and others from across the country. This resource is available in English or Spanish.

Making the Grade
Making the Grade is a series of publications developed to provide timely information to help parents support and strengthen their child’s public education experience. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the North Carolina Press Association's Newspapers in Education project produce and distribute the publications through local newspapers.

This list of the more commonly used acronyms or abbreviations and their meanings has been developed to help everyone involved in public schools communicate better.

Glossary of Words to Know
This glossary has been developed to increase parent and community understanding of the legal and educational terminology used in the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act.

Typical Questions
Common questions asked about public education here in North Carolina.

Ask Your Questions Here
A place to ask questions about No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

Answers to questions about enrollment and moving to North Carolina

Graduation Requirements
Graduation standards for achievement and courses are designed to prepare students for higher education and for work as adults.

School Attendance
School Attendance and Student Accounting Manual
(pdf, 929kb)

US Department of Education Resources for Students
A page by the US Department of Education for students

Podcasts - Parent Involvement: The Key to Success.
The Appalachia Regional Comprehensive Center (ARCC) has created a series of podcasts that provide strategies for improving parental involvement in schools. The podcasts are targeted to administrators, educators and parents.