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Demonstration Lessons - A series of video-streaming lessons of Social Studies National Board Certified teachers

Introductory Video (13:39)

The Department of Public Instruction has received funding from the North Carolina General Assembly to improve the quality of personal financial literacy education, to advance public knowledge, and to provide professional development. Building on current personal financial literacy initiatives, strategies will address student, teacher, and parent needs, build stakeholder involvement and support policies approved by the State Board of Education.

One strategy to support teachers as they provide instruction on Personal Financial Literacy is the video-streaming of National Board Certified teachers demonstrating instruction on Personal Financial Literacy, as well as additional support lessons to be downloaded. All Civics and Economics teachers are encouraged to take advantage of these resources.

Candy Bar Economics (36:20)

Heather Vinson is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher of Social Studies at Holly Springs High School (Holly Springs, NC). This is her introductory lesson to the study of economics. She calls it Candy Bar Economics and it is a well-crafted lesson that begins with the question, “What is economics?” After some collaborative group work using a discussion guide to analyze the information on the wrapper of a candy bar (or other common product), Heather brings her students back together for a whole-group discussion about the major economic concepts that they been introduced to. She then asks them to revisit their definition of economics to reflect on what they have learned during the lesson. Over the next five weeks of the unit, her goal is for her students' definitions of economics to evolve to reflect their understanding that economics is not just about laws and concepts but about real life and how financial matters affect them every day.

Seeing Budgeting Clearly (48:02)

Susan Taylor is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher of Social Studies at Panther Creek Middle School (Cary, NC). Her lesson on budgeting addresses Standard Course of Study goals 7.02 and 7.03, how scarcity influences the decisions we make and the concept of consequences and tradeoffs for those decisions. Susan uses a problem-solving approach in which she provides her students with a scenario, they identify the problem, and then she facilitates their efforts to solve the problem. She uses a collaborative learning approach which challenges partners to create budgets for each of three careers in the eye care profession. After the budgets are created, the groups discuss five questions designed to encourage reflection and then each student writes his or her responses. Susan uses reflective writing often to help students reflect on what they have learned.

Using Technology Transparently (15:07)

Steve MacDonald is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher of Business Education at Manteo Middle School (Manteo, NC). His lesson is the middle one in a unit on checking accounts. Also, a Technology Teacher, Steve teaches in a computer lab where he has remote control of every computer in the room and a special tool that enables him to control his computer while moving around the room. With this technology, Steve can ensure that each student has what s/he needs to see the demonstrations and modeling clearly, and he can also carefully monitor student work. The technology also makes performance-based assessment more manageable.


A compilation of activities conducted across North Carolina in which students, teachers, and the community are actively engaged in the lessons of Personal Financial Literacy.

H.M. Cummings High School, Burlington, North Carolina
(pdf, 14.1mb)

J.H. Rose High School, Greenville, North Carolina
(mov, 362.2mb)

Personal Financial Literacy Day - NC Legislative Building
(ppt, 51.2mb)

Personal Financial Literacy Day - Audio Presentation
(ppt, 26.4mb)

  • Eagle Youth Council - Transcript
    (pdf, 18kb)
  • J.H. Rose High School - Transcript
    (pdf, 26kb)
  • Raleigh Charter High School - Transcript
    (pdf, 23kb)