When it comes to educating students and the community about Personal Financial Literacy, NCDPI needs "all hands on deck." We are fortunate to have national organizations, state institutions and agencies, and local organizations to collaborate and partner with us as we reach out across the state promoting the importance of being financially literate.

Collaborative partners support our program by providing instruction to our teachers, students and parents, providing materials for classroom use, providing speaker's on personal financial literacy topics and by collaborating with the agency in the development of instructional materials and presentations.

Our collaborative partnerships reach across all segments of our state and are dedicated to our educational goals of

  • Advancing teacher knowledge and understanding of personal finances
  • Increasing the number of high school students who are financially literate
  • Enhancing public awareness and parent knowledge of personal finances

ABC Management, Inc.
Empowers and educates people to improve their financial condition through hands-on financial literacy teaching and training on proper credit and cash management techniques from a relations banker's perspective.

NC Department of the Secretary of State, Securities Division
Administers North Carolina's securities laws, which are located in Chapters 78A and 78C of the North Carolina General Statutes. The intent of these laws is to protect the investing public by requiring a satisfactory investigation of both the people who offer securities as investments and of the securities themselves. The Securities Division also addresses investor complaints concerning securities brokers and dealers, investment advisers and commodity dealers as well as complaints about offerings of particular investments.

NC Council on Economic Education (NCCEE)
Founded in 1970, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. NCCEE works to insure that all students in NC develop economic understanding and abilities to solve problems in their lives. The NCCEE delivers staff development sessions and standards-based curricula to teachers and sponsors statewide competitions for teachers and students.

NC State Employees' Credit Union (SECU)
A not-for-profit financial cooperative providing services to North Carolina's state and public school employees and their immediate family members. SECU provides members with lower-cost services and more attractive rates on deposits and loans, as the Credit Union is owned by its members, has no commissioned employees and is not in business for profit, but for people. SECU conducts training in the public schools using the NEFE High School Financial Planning Program.

RBC Bank
Provides educational workshops designed for classroom instruction and the community at-large on topics that promote financial literacy in the areas of banking, savings, credit and investing.