The links below are current tips, articles, reports, and surveys that have resulted from research by financial literacy experts.

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The Government's Role In Improving Financial Literacy
This document explains how the government can support the array of state, local, nonprofit and private organizations in meeting the goals of educating the public about financial literacy.
(pdf, 4.4mb)

Credit Card Information
Provides information on choosing a credit card.

How to Establish, Use & Protect Credit
Discusses how to qualify for credit and use it wisely.

Preventing Payment Card Fraud: Dos and Dont's
Provides consumers with information on how to protect payment cards from loss or theft; also outlines what to do if a payment card is used for fraudulent purchases.
(pdf, 166kb)

Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft
Describes the steps consumers should take to protect their personal information and the steps to take if they do become victims.
(pdf, 493kb)

What You Need to Know About Payment Cards
Provides answers to frequently asked consumer questions on payment cards.
(pdf, 203kb)

What Your Credit Report Says About You
Explains what a credit report is, how it is used, and why prospective borrowers should obtain copies of their credit report before applying for credit.


To help families deal with the economic downturn, North Carolina Cooperative Extension has developed these fact sheets on how to cope with personal and and financial crises. These fact sheets on saving money, talking to children about the economy, shopping for healthy foods on a tight budget, avoiding home foreclosure and other timely topics were developed by N.C. Cooperative Extension Family and Consumer Sciences specialists in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State University.

Economic Effects on the Family

  • When You Take Care of Mom and Hold Down a Job
    (pdf, 395kb)
  • Telling the Kids: We Need to Spend Less!
    (pdf, 390kb)
  • Health Care Coverage for You and Your Family
    (pdf, 395kb)


  • What to Do if You Lose Your Job: Preparing for the Search
    (pdf, 400kb)
  • What to Do if You Lose Your Job: Spend Less
    (pdf, 394kb)

Personal Finances


  • Should You Buy Food in Bulk? The Scoop on Food Storage
    (pdf, 556kb)
  • Getting Your Best Buy at the Grocery Store
    (pdf, 554kb)
  • Turn Leftovers into Planned-overs
    (pdf, 392kb)
  • Save Money on Your Food Bill and Still Eat Smart
    (pdf, 549kb)
  • Does "Made from Scratch" Save Money Over Buying Prepared Foods?
    (pdf, 556kb)

Saving Around the Home

  • Saving Money on No Cost/Low Cost Energy Changes
    (pdf, 332kb)
  • Saving Money on Heating and Cooling Your Home
    (pdf, 383kb)
  • Ideas to Help You Save Money at Home
    (pdf, 327kb)

Other Topics

  • Get a Deal on Your Wheels
    (pdf, 398kb)
  • A Little Help from Your Friends: Finding Strength in Your Community
    (pdf, 395kb)
  • Fun and Free Entertainment
    (pdf, 390kb)
  • Tips on Dealing with Stress
    (pdf, 395kb)