Did You Know?

A study conducted in 2005 and sponsored by the National Council on Economic Education showed that…

  • 66 percent of high school students tested on basic money skills scored an 'F', and only 32 percent received an 'A'.
  • Over 58 percent of students surveyed (ages 12-17) said they wouldn't bother to bend down and pick up money unless it was a dollar or more.
  • Over 50 percent of the same students surveyed have received no financial education.

It is important that all students become financially literate. After a 2009 report by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Investor Education Foundation showed that young adults had much lower financial literacy than prior generations, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner stressed the need for financial education.

"We must do a better job making sure our students graduate from high school with a better understanding of basic economics, basic finance, and the benefits and risks associated with debt." US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan agreed. "The reality is that all children don’t know the basics of saving and investing. It’s a skill they need to be successful in our economy." These student pages are designed to provide students with fun ways to build their financial knowledge.


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