How do we get staff buy-in?

The answer to this question depends on why your staff is not participating. Consider reviewing your Self Assessment Survey data or collecting survey data to help the PBIS team determine the specific concerns. Sometimes staff are resistant to change because: they feel no ownership of the change, they do not see compelling reasons for change, leaders are not modeling the change, there is no organizational support for the change, and/or they don't understand the concrete actions they need to perform to make the change (Schwann & Spady, 1998). Using your school's data to address the issues presented by the staff and communicating the desire to address their concerns can often provide increased staff appreciation for PBIS. The key is to identify the challenge and then find appropriate solutions to respond to their concerns. If the issue is related to reinforcement or motivation, presentations and materials are available on the Behavior Doctor website: For other concerns that might be revealed by your data consider reviewing or contacting your district or regional PBIS Coordinator for assistance.

What are some ways to increase buy-in from administrators in a district in which PBIS is mandated?

It can be challenging to get buy-in when initiatives are mandated. One way to approach this issue might be through data. Accessing school data to determine areas of challenge for the school (especially those outside of the area of discipline such as school climate, bullying, safety, etc.) can provide the opportunity to explore ways PBIS can be beneficial to the school. In addition, consider reviewing school action plans and goals to identify valued outcomes and related initiatives that could be supported by PBIS implementation.