How can we keep PBIS "alive" after years of implementation?

As with any part of the process, the solution will depend on the nature of the obstacle. Is your school struggling because you are still using the same implementation strategies that you chose when you began? Are you monitoring your data regularly? The most important strategy is for your team to adopt a problem-solving approach that focuses on continuous improvement. By doing so, your team will constantly be reviewing data and looking for ways to improve outcomes. Ongoing updates will help keep implementation from becoming stale. Other effective strategies are including new team members over time, planning special booster trainings, and incorporating new ideas from other schools.

Where can we receive training?

Please check with your District PBIS Coach/Coordinator for information about PBIS module trainings that will be held in your district. You can also contact your Regional PBIS Coordinator for additional training dates that will be held within your region. NC PBIS hosts PBIS module trainings annually during the summer for school teams. Registration information for these trainings is disseminated with Summer Institute resources during the spring of each year.

Where can we access training materials?

The training materials for the NC PBIS training modules and a variety of other presentations are available on the NCPBIS website.

How should we train new team members?

There are many options for training new team members. Some districts offer booster trainings for new team members. The new team member generally spends time reviewing things the team has already completed and evaluating his/her perspective about necessary future actions based on the training content. Other districts encourage the PBIS school team to provide training information and materials to any new team members. Please refer to your district PBIS Implementation/Action Plan or contact your district and/or regional PBIS coordinator for more information.