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A multitude of professional development opportunities are available to educators at the local, state, and national levels. As technology expands these opportunities to a near global scale, teachers now have access to a wide array of professional learning experiences. With this expanded accessibility comes a responsibility to select resources, experiences, and events that are well designed to meet an educator’s professional needs and contribute directly to successful student outcomes. These pages are intended to be a resource to support educators to make wise, informed decisions regarding their professional development and learning, as well as to assist district leaders to design high quality professional development offerings.

Professional learning is an important aspect of effective educator practice. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education recognize this responsibility and are committed to supporting our state’s educators as they seek to refine their instructional and professional practices. NCDPI is pleased to have many educational partners working with us across the state in this endeavor, including all 8 NC Regional Educational Service Alliances, Institutions of Higher Education, and many local and national professional organizations.

To assist NC educators to choose the most effective learning experiences, the State Board of Education adopted the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning. These standards make explicit that the purpose of professional learning is for educators to develop the knowledge, skills, practices, and dispositions they need to help students perform at higher levels. The standards are not a prescription for how education leaders and public officials should address all the challenges related to improving the performance of educators and their students. Instead, the standards focus on one critical issue -- professional learning.

These standards offer important guidance regarding the characteristics of high quality professional learning. They should be used by state and district leaders as they design professional development offerings, and as a reference point for educators to assess the quality of professional development offerings they may be considering.

Professional Learning Resources

  • Learning Forward Professional Learning Resources
  • Home Base NCEES Professional Development System
  • NCDPI Annual Conferences

Standards for Professional Learning
(pdf, 168kb)

Please visit our website often to be kept abreast of upcoming professional development opportunities and information related to the standards for all North Carolina professionals.