Staging history: Charter School Teacher of the Year John Hall brings lessons to life
This article shares some of the instructional strategies of John Hall, 2009-10 AT&T Charter School's Teacher of the Year. Mr. Hall brings social studies lessons to life by incorporating drama and art.

Using technology to teach foreign languages: Teacher of the Year Jessica Garner shares secrets
This article, the product of an interview with North Carolina's 2008-2009 Teacher of the Year, shares tips and best practices for engaging students by integrating technology into teaching. Includes links to tools, products, and websites recommended by Ms. Garner.

Traveling the world, virtually: Project-based learning in elementary school
Fifth-grade teacher Shannon Page shares her methods and experiences with using project-based learning in the elementary school classroom. Ms. Page's focus on taking virtual field trips, which are planned and guided by her students, helps infuse curriculum objectives with relevance and rigor.

Wall-to-wall project-based learning: A conversation with biology teacher Kelley Yonce
This article explains the process of project-based learning (PBL) as it is practiced by Kelley Yonce, a high-school biology teacher who uses PBL throughout the school year. Concrete guidelines for a DNA project are included, as well as rubrics, assessment criteria, and other relevant documents.

Seeing, wondering, theorizing, learning: Inquiry-based instruction with Kishia Moore
In this article, first-grade teacher Kishia Moore shares some of the strategies she uses to bring inquiry-based instruction into the elementary classroom. Ms. Moore teaches in Mitchell County and is a member of the 2011 cohort of the Kenan Fellows Program.

Challenge-based learning: José Garcia's innovative approach to student inquiry
This article discusses the instructional strategies of Greene County Middle School science teacher José Garcia. Mr. Garcia employs challenge-based learning, which marries project-based learning with student inquiry and makes effective use of technology. José Garcia received an Apple Distinguished Educator award in 2009 and was Teacher of the Year in his school and county in 2008-2009.