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A. Analyzes Student Learning

Responsiveness to Instruction
Kindergarten-12th, Responsiveness to Instruction, DPI
Professional development is designed to prepare LEA and school teams on the basic foundation and implementation strategies of Responsiveness to Instruction (RtI). The training consists of a series of modules that cover the following topics: Problem-Solving; Functional Assessment; Instruction and Interventions in Reading, Math and Positive Behavior Support: School Presentations; Planning; and Resources.

Positive Behavior Support (PBIS)
Kindergarten-12th, Leadership, DPI
PBIS training provides systematic and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behavior with all students. Training is conducted with school teams that are representative of the staff at their home schools. By training school teams in the principles and practices of PBIS, schools are able to design a system for teaching and encouraging respectful & responsible behaviors, use data to support decision making and continuous improvement, and create an individualized total school climate that supports staff and student behavior and encourages family engagement. The team attends three two-day-each modules to learn the information needed to begin PBIS implementation at their school. They assign team roles, determine effective data management strategies and begin to build a repertoire of behavior management skills. The team determines how to integrate the use of research-based behavior strategies in their school setting to decrease negative behaviors while increasing positive behaviors and student achievement. For more information about training dates and locations, interested schools should contact the PBIS regional coordinator for their area listed on the linked page.

A Crash Course in ESL
Kindergarten-12th, English Language Learners, LEARN NC
Grasp pedagogy, policy and procedure for teaching and working with English language learners. This course provides a concise overview of strategies and best practices for all teachers, administrators, and support staff working with English language learners.

A Crash Course in ESL for Administrators
Administrators, English Language Learners, LEARN NC
For most ESL students, their entire lives have just changed, including their home, food, friends, customs, and ways of life. This course will prepare administrators to work with and understand ESL students and parents, and to establish a welcoming environment for English language learners.

Adolescent Literacy for Middle Grades (formerly Reading in the Content Area for Middle School Teachers)
6th-9th, English Language Arts, LEARN NC
Help your students become more strategic readers. You'll improve your own reading comprehension by teaching and modeling a variety of reading strategies. This course will introduce you to literacy resources and reading tools that will assist and enhance daily instruction.

Adolescent Literacy: English Language Arts Comprehension Strategies
10th-12th, English Language Arts, LEARN NC
Boost student achievement by increasing your students' literacy skills. You'll learn the methods to improve your students' reading comprehension, a crucial skill for thinking critically, making decisions, and defending one's views and opinions.

African American History to 1950
Kindergarten-12th, Social Studies, LEARN NC
Revamp your Black History Month curriculum with primary sources. By examining slave testimonies, photographs, oral histories, and more from around the U.S. and North Carolina, you'll look at African American history the way a professional historian would.

Algebraic Thinking in Elementary School
Kindergarten-5th, Mathematics, LEARN NC
Students often hold incorrect ideas or know very little about American Indian history and culture in North Carolina. From archaeological finds, creation stories, and government treaties, to controversies like the use of Indian-themed mascots in school athletic programs, this course will enrich your exploration of key issues in Native American history in North Carolina.

American Indians in North Carolina
Kindergarten-12th, Social Studies, LEARN NC
Explore the experiences of American Indians in North Carolina from the period before European colonization through the present, including a look at primary sources and present-day controversies. (Learn more)

American Indians in the United States
Kindergarten-12th, Social Studies, LEARN NC
Unintentional stereotyping by textbooks, educational materials, instructors, students, parents, and more can obscure the truth about American Indian history. In this course, you'll look at the diversity and variety of American Indian history from the earliest evidence of human habitation through the present day. Archaeological finds, treaties, oral histories, photographs, and more will enrich your exploration of Native American history nationwide.

Beginning Teacher Success
Kindergarten-12th, Professional Support/Leadership, LEARN NC
Start your teaching career knowing LEARN NC is here to support you. Learn to manage your classroom, develop effective lesson plans, and incorporate course activities and assignments into your individual teaching style.

Biodiversity in Your Backyard
Kindergarten-5th, Science, LEARN NC
Designed especially for teachers of elementary-aged students, this course will expand your life science content knowledge with material aligned to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. You will have two classrooms during this course—the interactive, online classroom and your own backyard!

Civil Rights Movement in Context
Kindergarten-12th, Social Studies, LEARN NC
Many students know little of the Civil Rights Movement other than Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. Go beyond the movement's familiar figures and relive the experiences of the freedom riders, the students in the SNCC, and the countless everyday people who marched, boycotted, protested, and volunteered to make the movement happen. We'll explore the Civil Rights Movement from all of these perspectives using first-hand accounts from the people who lived this important history.

Crossing Cultures: An Introduction to Cross-Cultural Understanding
Kindergarten-12th, English Language Learners, LEARN NC
Increase your effectiveness in interacting with people of different cultures. You will gain a greater awareness of your own cultural background, as well as acquire tools to interact appropriately and effectively with people from a variety of cultures.

Investigative Science for Middle School Teachers
6th-8th, Science, LEARN NC
How do your students define science? Do they see science everywhere in their lives, or is it something that only happens at school? This course will help you apply scientific investigation in your classroom, creating a culture of curiosity, inquiry, and experimentation to keep your students engaged.

LEP Training 101
Kindergarten-12th, English Language Learners, LEARN NC
This course will prepare you to take on the role of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Coordinator or ESL Teacher. Although you may already know strategies for teaching ESL students, this course is like a manual that teaches you the policies, procedures, and job duties that accompany dealing with LEP students in North Carolina schools.

LEP Training 102
Kindergarten-12th, English Language Learners, LEARN NC
Build on the knowledge you gained in LEP Training 101 as you continue to prepare for the role of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Coordinator or ESL Teacher.

Reading, Writing and Research: Integrating Literacy across the Curriculum
Kindergarten-12th, English Language Arts, LEARN NC
Turn your students into savvy consumers of information. Explore reading and writing instruction and information literacy concepts, and learn to effectively integrate these literacy skills into your teaching, regardless of the subject or grade level.

Scientific Inquiry for Elementary Teachers
Kindergarten-5th, Science, LEARN NC
Don't feel intimidated while teaching science just because it's not your specialty. This course will help you impart the value (and fun) of inquiry-based science to your students. By applying scientific inquiry in your classroom, you'll create a culture of curiosity, investigation, and experimentation.

Teaching Electricity and Circuits in the Elementary Classroom
Kindergarten-5th, Science, LEARN NC
Boost your understanding of electricity and currents—and impart that understanding to elementary students—using inquiry-based instruction. You will acquire numerous strategies to enhance your questioning techniques and to better assess elementary students' understanding of open and closed circuits, conducting and insulating materials, and series and parallel circuits.

Teaching Writing in the Middle School Classroom
6th-8th, English Language Arts, LEARN NC
All students have the capacity to be good writers, and writers learn to write by writing. Explore teaching students through mini-lessons, writing conferences, and how to use established criteria to evaluate writing. This course will take you through the entire instructional cycle, from writing prompt to revision.

Virtual Mentoring: e-Commerce II
9th-12th, Professional Support/Leadership, LEARN NC
Consider this your black belt in e-commerce instruction. Learn how you can teach students to master advanced Web development skills, including design software and electronic commerce security.

Virtual Mentoring: English I
9th-12th, Professional Support/Leadership, LEARN NC
Learn the ins and outs of teaching English I for the first time. LEARN NC's Virtual Mentoring Program will guide you through the curriculum, plus tricky areas for new teachers such as classroom management, parent conferences, and preparing for the end-of-course exam.

Virtual Mentoring: United States History
9th-12th, Professional Support/Leadership, LEARN NC
Learn the ins and outs of teaching United States History for the first time. LEARN NC's Virtual Mentoring Program will guide you through the curriculum, plus tricky areas for new teachers such as classroom management and parent conferences.