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21st CCLC Program AdministratorMathis, Tammorah919.807.3374
21st CCLC Program AdministratorPrickett, Deborah919.807.3949
21st CCLC Program AdministratorChase, Johanna919.807.3955
21st CCLC Program AdministratorBell, Dr. Ed919.807.3926
Assistant Director of Federal Program Monitoring and Support DivisionPatterson, Brandon919.807.3959
Director of the Federal Program Monitoring and Support DivisionBrown , Donna919.807.3957
Federal Program Monitoring Program AssistantMoore, Sylvia919.807.4009
Federal Program Monitoring Program AssistantTrantham, Richard919.807.3964
Federal Program Monitoring and Support Division Administrative SecretaryLangill, Paula919.807.3812
Homeless EducationPhillips, Lisa336.315.7491
Migrant Education ConsultantWilliams, Sonja919.807.3958
Migrant Identification and RecruitmentViana, Jose919.807.4069
Parent Options Coordinator, SES, Textbooks, 504Kitch, Dr. Kenneth919.807.3830
Program AdministratorLee, Freda919.807.3292
Region 2 Program Administrator/ComparabilityHuber, Lisa919.807.3792
Region 3 Program Administrator/Rural Low-Income Schools (RLIS/REAP)/Parent InvolvementMuhammad, Dr. Rhonda919.807.3960
Region 4 Program Administrator/Distinguished SchoolsVACANT, 919.807.3915
Region 5 Program AdministratorHatley, Sue919.807.3919
Region 7 Program Administrator/Teacher Loan ForgivenessEddy, Melissa919.807.3647
Region 8 Program Administrator/Neglected and DelinquentNelson-Reed, Dr. Vanessa919.807.4049
Research, Data and ReportingYarboro, Allison919.807.3644
School Improvement CoordinatorWhitaker, Allison919.807.3962
School Improvement Grants (SIG) CoordinatorVecchione, Dr. Chris919.807.3911
Title II/RLIS/SRSAEllington, Elaine919-807-3894