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For the 2017-18 school year, the General Assembly of North Carolina appropriated six million dollars ($6,000,000) from the At-Risk Student Services Alternative School Allotment for the Extended Learning and Integrated Student Supports (ELISS) Competitive Grant Program [Session Law 2017-57]. The purpose of the Program is to fund high-quality, independently validated extended learning and integrated student support service programs for at-risk students that raise standards for student academic outcomes.

Nonprofits and nonprofits working in collaboration with local school administrative units may participate in the ELISS program.  Programs must serve one or more of the following student groups:

  1. At-risk students not performing at grade level as demonstrated by statewide assessments
  2. Students at-risk of dropout
  3. Students at-risk of school displacement due to suspension or expulsion as a result of anti-social behaviors.

Grant participants are eligible to receive grants for up to two years in an amount of up to five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) each year. Grants must be matched on the basis of three dollars ($3.00) in grant funds for every one dollar ($1.00) in non-grant funds. Matching funds shall not include other State funds. Matching funds may include in-kind contributions. Matching funds may include in‑kind contributions for up to fifty percent (50%) of the required match.

2017-2018 Extended Learning and Integrated Student Supports Grant Program Recipients
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Extended Learning and Integrated Student Support Grant Program Technical Assistance Webinar

Power Point Presentation
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Power Point Presentation 2
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Training on the Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP)

The Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP) is a unified grants application and verification system that consists of two parts: the Planning Tool and the Funding Application. A valid NCID is required to access CCIP. If you do not have one, please CLICK HERE and register as a “Business” entity (required for nonprofit corporations).

For organizations that have NOT been trained on the system, training will be offered on September 12th, 14th, 19th and 21st, 2017.* To register for a training session, CLICK HERE. Training is offered ONLY for organizations that have not been trained previously.  After attending the hands-on training, you will receive a CCIP Access Request Form.  You will then be made “known” to the system, by submitting NCID usernames (NO password) and roles to NCDPI.  Additional information will be given at training.

Excerpt from Session Law 2017-57
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Program Overview and Tentative Timeline
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How to Apply
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Frequently Asked Questions
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