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A "priority school" is a school that, based on the most recent data available, has been identified as among the lowest-performing schools in the State. The total number of priority schools in a State must be at least five percent of the Title I schools in the State. A priority school is a school among the lowest five percent of Title I schools in the State based on the achievement of the "all students" group in terms of proficiency on the statewide assessments that are part of the SEA"s differentiated recognition, accountability, and support system, combined, and has demonstrated a lack of progress on those assessments over a number of years in the "all students" group; a Title I-participating or Title I-eligible high school with a graduation rate less than 60 percent over a number of years; or a Tier I or Tier II school under the SIG program that is using SIG funds to implement a school intervention model. Of the 77 schools designated as Priority, 40 schools were identified under the School Improvement Grant. More information is available at the following link: /grants/.