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These stories of recent high school graduates from SIG schools describe the difference SIG funds are making in North Carolina schools.
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  • July Edition
    This newsletter announces the 17 schools comprising the second cohort of SIG (1003-G) schools, a new online planning tool and support community for SIG schools, and a SIG advisory council.
    (pdf, 783kb)

  • March Edition
    This newsletter covers SIG-eligible schools for the second cohort, renewal plans due from the first cohort of SIG schools, transformation and turnaround model requirements, and best practice ideas from Dr. Sam Redding and a NC SIG principal.
    (pdf, 1.0mb)

  • January Edition
    This edition features news on the three-day teacher leader training in December, ways to keep the training alive in schools and districts, information on upcoming opportunities and best practices, and helpful resources.
    (pdf, 293kb)