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Valuable Financial Benefit for Teachers at Low-Income Schools

Teacher Loan Forgiveness/Cancellation (TLF/C) programs are designed to attract and retain teachers in low income schools to help all children receive the best education possible, regardless of their economic status.

Please visit the US Department of Education blog for details about:

  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness and Cancellation (TLF/C) and other programs
  • dollar amounts available
  • eligibility criteria (loan types, job assignments, credentials, etc.)
  • program rules
  • application forms and procedures

Directory of Low-income Institutions

Loan companies consult the federal TCLI directory of low-income institutions when processing TLF/C applications. This is an official list of schools where over 30% of the students are eligible for free or reduced lunch, including some schools that do not participate in Title I programs.

If you have questions about the TCLI directory or believe a qualifying institution is not listed, please contact the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) via the email or phone number given in the Frequently Asked Questions document described below.

Teacher Shortage Areas

In some cases, teaching in an officially recognized shortage area will allow for substantially larger amounts of forgiveness (e.g., special education and some grade levels of math or science). More details are available via the US Department of Education blog listed above. The federal list of shortage areas is updated annually in the late summer. If you need to know what the shortage areas will be for an upcoming year that is not yet listed, see the Frequently Asked Questions document below.

More Information – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

See the list of Frequently Asked Questions (pdf available below) for additional information, including:

  • how North Carolina institutions get listed in the directory of low-income institutions.
  • why an institution is not showing up in the directory.
  • relocating to a different low-income school during the required 5-year period.
  • a phone number to a US Department of Education help desk where federal staff will pick up and answer questions about available dollar amounts, eligibility criteria, program rules, and application procedures.
  • Contact information for questions about the low-income directory.
  • Contact information for questions about teacher shortage areas.

(pdf, 343kb)

Prior to calling the federal help desk or NCDPI, please review the FAQ and the US Department of Education web site listed above.