Title VI, Part B, Subpart 1- Small, Rural School Achievement Program (SRSA):
The SRSA program authorizes the USED to award formula grants directly to eligible LEAs. In addition, eligible LEAs and charter schools may use Alternative Uses of Funds Authority (formerly referred to as REAP-Flex) to combine funding under certain ESEA programs to carryout local activities.

  • Recipients may use program funds to conduct activities under the following ESEA programs:
  • Title I, Part A (Improving Basic Programs Operated by LEAs)
  • Title II, Part A (Supporting Effective Instruction)
  • Title III (Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students)
  • Title IV, Part A (Student Support and Academic Enrichment)
  • Parent Involvement Activities

In addition, the Alternative Uses of Funds Authority is a flexibility provision that allows LEAs eligible for SRSA funds to combine funding under certain programs to carry out local activities under other specified Federal programs. LEAs that choose this option may waive funds under Title II, Part A and Title IV, Part A. Allocations for these grants are then combined under one report code which is PRC 091 for planning and budgeting purposes.