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NEW Title I Resource
The Title I, Part A Handbook Revised 2017
Tools and Tips for Title I Directors is intended to assist Title I Directors in managing their Title I programs throughout the school year. The technical assistance documents in the Title I, Part A Handbook are intended to provide an overview of the authorizing statute and should be used in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Education (USED) policy guidance.
(pdf, 648kb | docx, 198kb)    LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

NEW!! ESSA and School Counseling
(pdf, 460kb)

Spring Regional Meeting Resources/CCIP Revisions 2018-2019

Parent and Family Involvement Guide
This guide underscores the importance of parent and family involvement as it relates to student achievement and includes suggestions and resources for program enhancement.
(pdf, 804kb)

NC Title I Directors by LEA
This spreadsheet provides contact information for Title I directors across North Carolina (excel).
(xlsx, 66kb)    LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 24, 2018

Federal Guidance
Click on a topic below for guidance from the US Department of Education.

Comparability Resources
The Comparability Handbook is designed for Title I program administrators. The purpose of this handbook is to provide assistance for completing comparability reports to ensure that expenditures from local and State funds distributed for curriculum materials and instructional supplies to Title I schools are comparable to the funds distributed to non-Title I schools. Title I program administrators should use this handbook when completing the comparability report.

Arts and Title I Funds
(pdf, 266kb)

Environmental Science using ESSA Funding
(pdf, 685kb)