PUBLIC NOTICES 2012-13 :: JULY 20, 2012


In accordance with the North Carolina Office of Economic Recovery & Investment policy regarding procurements utilizing American Recovery & Re-Investment Act funding, the Purchasing & Contracts Section of the NC Department of Public Instruction (NC DPI) will be posting a "Notice of Intent" to award a contract amendment to SAS Institute, Inc (SAS)., for the purpose of supporting a new statewide Student Information System (PowerSchool) in conjunction with the implementation of the Instructional Improvement System (IIS) as part of the Race to the Top (RttT) initiative. SAS will assist in the transformation of the Student Information System (NC WISE to PowerSchool) and to facilitate the implementation of the IIS. SAS will also be required to perform the following tasks:

  • Document present DPI data sources, potential user applications, business intelligence requirements, and potential operational data store (ODS)/data warehouse/data marts
  • Develop an overall data management strategy for DPI including tools for cataloging and mapping data, data governance models and other necessary data management functions (such as information architecture) and capabilities.
  • Provide a data integration platform that will operate on three traditional data management functions: Extract, Transfer and Load (ETL). The Extract function will collect data from various source systems. The transform function will perform any necessary cleaning, reformatting, standardization, and aggregation on the data elements. Finally, the Load function will load the resulting data into, specified target systems or file formats and data reporting facilities.
  • Develop a facility for collecting and aggregating data residing in disparate authoritative sources and provide the DPI and LEAs a unified view.

The scope of work includes all current DPI systems/applications, major LEA applications, and the new PowerSchool and IIS applications.

SAS is uniquely qualified for these aforementioned services/tasks, through its long term ongoing work with the AdHoc Reporting system (AHR). SAS brings the comprehensive understanding of the current NC WISE data and structure, as well as many administrative processes, governance procedures and policies, and technical infrastructure environments at NC DPI and the Local Education Agencies (LEAs). The AHR solution for NC WISE provides the LEAs with data to make educational decisions by using attendance, discipline, grades, marks and other valuable information. This additional scope of the AHR extends, enhances and evolves that work such that a more robust data model will be established to meet the more global information needs of schools, LEAs, and the state to better support the students of North Carolina. It is imperative that the Department obtain the needed services of SAS so that there is a statewide ability to leverage currently disparate student/educational data for analysis and reporting. When both are awarded, the new PowerSchool application and the new IIS application can’t be implemented without the capabilities that will be obtained through this contract.. This vendor relationship with the current AHR contract has been in place since May 2006. A "Notice of Intent" for this award will be posted on the NC Department of Administration, Division of Purchase and Contract's Interactive Purchasing System (IPS) on Friday, July 20, 2012. Questions resulting from this notice may be directed to Mike Beaver, Purchasing Agent III, Purchasing & Contracts Section, 919.807.3683; or,

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