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Teachers play the most vital role in students' day-to-day learning. Teachers guide and inspire. To help students be their best, teachers need the resources and support to be at theirs. The READY initiative will provide:

  • Professional development
    • Support and promote effective leadership, quality teaching and student learning
    • Improve instruction and enhance professional practice
  • Data tracking
    • Technologies and methodologies to enable one-to-one teaching
  • Student growth
    • Standards and assessment

NC Schools and You UNC-TV Program Now Online

North Carolina Schools and You: What Changes in Our Schools Mean for Parents and Students, which originally aired in fall 2013 on UNC-TV, is now online at As a reminder, North Carolina Schools and You is an hour-long show that offers information and discussion around recent important changes in public schools and how parents could be more productively engaged in their children's success. Topics include Teaching and Learning: What Students Are Learning and How; Measuring Performance: New Assessments and Accountability Model; and Parent Engagement: How Parents Can Support Learning. A Viewer's Guide to accompany the program is available here.
(pdf, 3.7mb)

UNC-TV Transcript
(doc, 98kb)

2012 Outreach Meeting Materials

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2012 Regional Outreach Handouts
(pdf, 736kb)   LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 21, 2013

READY and Home Base Communications Guide
(pdf, 602kb)

Back-to-School Message from State Superintendent June Atkinson
The 2012-13 school year is one of many changes for our teachers, students, families and supporters. State Superintendent June Atkinson welcomes the 100,000 public school teachers, administrators and staff members back to school with a message encouraging everyone to work together to ensure that these changes ultimately mean higher achievement for our students.


Accountability and Curriculum Reform Effort (ACRE)
North Carolina is implementing new Common Core State Standards and Essential Standards to ensure that students learn and master what they must know to succeed in college, career and life.

Race to the Top (RttT
The READY initiative is being supported by North Carolina’s Race to the Top grant. Information is available on the state's plan, along with local school district plans.

Professional Development
Central to the success of the READY initiative is the support we provide our teachers and leaders. Significant professional development activities have been taking place across the state. Learn what has taken place and available opportunities.

ABCs of Accountability
The 2011-12 school year is the last year for the ABCs accountability program. The new READY Accountability Model will be implemented in the 2012-13 school year. Please visit the ABCs site to learn more on how we measure student success.

Educator Effectiveness
A new evaluation model for teachers and leaders incorporates student growth for the first time, beginning in fall 2012.

Educator Calendars 2013
NCDPI sends a virtual READY Calendar to teachers across the state. This contains professional development information and links to resources.