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READY V Webinar for Teachers and Principals

Ready Report Release Webinar
Webinar held on October 25, 2013 to preview the accountability results being released on November 7, 2013.

Career & College: Ready, Set, Go! Video
A brief overview of the main "pillars" of the Career & College initiative, along with its overarching goals.

DPI Summer Institutes
NCDPI officials spent the summer of 2011 hosting numerous Summer Institutes for more than 2,200 educators from LEAs and charter schools. Effective and meaningful training on the new Common Core and Essential Standards, made possible by Race to the Top funds, is critical to the success of the standards slated for implementation in our schools.

Teachers Are the Key Video
Race to the Top provides deeper levels of support to teachers. Strengthened professional development and technology will enhance their work. The work of our teachers will spell success for our students.

Teacher Effectiveness and Support
Ensuring that North Carolina's teachers are READY for the new Common Core and Essential Standards includes taking a "deeper dive" into what they teach, how they teach and how it is reflected in student growth. The new teacher evaluation gives teachers more meaningful insight into their work. Listen to North Carolina teachers describe how this is happening in their own words, along with principals who also find the new evaluation more helpful.

2012-13 Accountability Results
State Superintendent June Atkinson discusses North Carolina's 2012-13 READY Accountability results and what they mean for students, parents and educators.

READY Animation
This 2.5 minute animation highlights why North Carolina is raising standards and what READY means for students, parents and communities.