Among the State Board of Education’s priorities for ensuring that North Carolina educates "future-ready" students for the 21st Century is Objective 2.5: Every educational professional uses data to inform decisions. Towards that end, the Research & Evaluation (R&E) Section provides access to DPI data and relevant research for decision-makers in NC state agencies.

DPI Data and Statistics
A large amount of DPI data is available on the DPI Data and Statistics webpage.

Miscellaneous DPI Research Reports
Research reports produced by the Department of Public Instruction on a variety of topics..

R&E Education Data Directory
State and national data and statistics are generated by a number of national organizations, which are listed in the R&E Education Data Directory.

R&E Education Research Directory
Educational research is produced by a wide array of regional and national organizations. The R&E Education Research Directory has links to a number of research and policy organizations, with preference given to those with research reports accessible online.

R&E will assist state and local education/government professionals in locating research on topics relevant to the decisions they need to make. We can help provide research articles and other information for workshops and presentations. Our partners at the SERVE Regional Educational Laboratory can provide short summaries of research on the area of interest through their Evidence Based Education Research Request program.