What is the definition of a dropout for reporting purposes?

A dropout is an individual who

  • was enrolled in school at some time during the reporting year;
  • was not enrolled on day 20 of the current year;
  • has not graduated from high school or completed a state or district approved educational program; and does not meet any of the following reporting exclusions:
    1. transferred to another public school district, private school, home school or state/district approved educational program,
    2. temporarily absent due to suspension or school approved illness, or
    3. death.

Can a student be reported as a dropout more than once?

Yes, but only once during a particular school year. Students must be reported as a dropout for any year in which they were enrolled if they were not enrolled on day 20 of the following year.

Are there any exceptions for highly transient students?

Yes, if a student enrolled for the first time in a school district stays no longer than 20 days, the student may be classified as an "Initial Enrollee."

What are the differences between federal and state dropout reporting procedures?

Expelled students are counted as dropouts for federal reporting but not for state reporting. Also, the reporting period is different. The federal reporting year starts at the beginning of summer and runs to the last day of class. The state year runs from the first day of class until the end of the summer.

What are the differences between reporting procedures for the annual state report and the procedures for determining dropout rates for state ABCs calculations?

In addition to the exception for expelled students allowed for state reporting there are two other groups who are counted as exceptions in doing the calculations for state ABCs, students incarcerated in an adult facility and students who fail to return to school after a long-term suspension.

How do I get news and information on dropout data reporting?

Notify Donna Dougherty, DPI Research and Evaluation Consultant that you wish to be added to the dropout data coordinators email list.