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North Carolina received one of only 12 federal Race to the Top (RttT) competitive grants in 2010, bringing nearly $400 million to the state's public school system. This funding is enabling us to remodel our state system through the READY initiative, an ambitious plan to increase student achievement, close achievement gaps and continue to increase the number of career- and college- ready graduates by making sure every student has an excellent teacher.

This website is designed to be your authoritative source for information and technical documentation related to North Carolina's RttT work. Implementing RttT requires a collaborative effort involving the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, school districts and charter schools, other public and private partners and many stakeholder advisors across the State. All of this work is guided by the NC State Board of Education and Office of the Governor.

How Race to the Top Has Made a Positive Impact

Public school leaders from across North Carolina share their observations about the positive impact that the Race to the Top initiative has had in their local school districts or charter schools.
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