Each LEA/charter must submit a completed Detailed Scope of Work template containing detailed implementation plans for using Race to the Top funds. The completed LEA/Charter Detailed Scope of Work plan is due Monday, November 8, 2010. Below is both the blank template and a sample partially completed template:

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Sample Detailed Scope of Work
**This SAMPLE DSW is only for illustrating types of activities and level of detail. Actual submitted DSWs need not contain any of the specific examples appearing in this SAMPLE.**
(xls, 234kb)   LAST UPDATED: FEBRUARY 19, 2013

"Live" Detailed Scope of Work Template
(xls, 114kb)   LAST UPDATED: FEBRUARY 19, 2013

Instructions for Using Detailed Scope of Work Template
(pdf, 337kb)   LAST UPDATED: JUNE 25, 2013

Quick Guide to Target Setting
(pdf, 69kb)   LAST UPDATED: FEBRUARY 19, 2013

2009-10 AP Data by LEA/Charters for Detailed Scope of Work Template
(xls, 60kb)   LAST UPDATED: FEBRUARY 19, 2013