Engaging stakeholders in North Carolina's Race to the Top (RttT) initiatives through clear, frequent communication is an integral part of the state's implementation strategy.  NCDPI produces various reports to inform stakeholder groups about the status and quality of implementation of the RttT work; these reports form one part of a feedback loop through which NCDPI gathers input to inform continuous improvement of implementation.

RttT Bi-Weekly Updates
Distributed via email to stakeholders across North Carolina to provide information on RttT implementation

Monthly Status Reports
Provided to the US Department of Education (USED) as regular updates on project implementation

Evaluation Reports
Formal research reports written by the Consortium for Educational Research and Evaluation – North Carolina (CERE-NC) to examine the quality of implementation of RttT initiatives

Other reports
Reports for USED and the NC General Assembly to provide annual or bi-annual updates on the status of RttT implementation