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RttT LEA/Charter School No-Cost Extension and Close Out Procedures

February 19, 2015

RttT No-Cost Extension Closeout
(pdf, 418kb)

April 4, 2014

New Race to the Top District Leads Webinar
October 24-25, 2012
(pdf, 995kb)

NC Race to the Top (RttT) Procurement and Contracting Webinar
May 31, 2012
(pdf, 1.6mb)

Regional Planning Assistance for 2011-12 Detailed Scope of Work Documents
June 23, 2011
(ppt, 10.4mb)

Professional Development and Strategic Staffing
May 3, 2011
(ppt, 2.2mb)

NC Education Cloud and STEM Initiatives Webinar
April 11, 2011
(ppt, 3.6mb)

Standards and Assessments Webinar
March 28 and 30, 2011
(ppt, 1.8mb)

Informational Webinars for Districts and Charter Schools
September 20-21, 2010
(ppt, 2.4mb)

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Audio Webinar (webinar starts at the 3-minute mark)
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Webinar Q&As
Answers to questions raised by participants in the September 20-21 webinars.