Banks, UrsulaAccountant -- School Nutrition Services919.807.3513
Bates, TraceyConsultant -- Nutrition Education, School Nutrition Services919.807.3508
Beachum, SteveTransportation Consultant919.807.3576
 DWI Vehicles 
 Exceptional Children 
Benson, WandaAccounting -- Textbook Services919.715.5372
 Allotments / Accounts 
 Orders / Modified Orders 
Blount, JudyAccountant -- Textbook Services919.733.7992
 Budget Activity 
Brafford, PatAdministrative Assistant -- School Nutrition Services919.807.4044
Byrd, JacksonFire Safety Inspector -- Insurance919.807.3533
Chang, LongStructural Engineer -- School Planning919.807.3563
 State Bonds 
 Structural Plan Review 
 Pupil Population Projections 
 QSCBs (Qualified School Construction Bonds) 
Church, DustinEngineer Technician, Plant Operation919.807.3544
 CADD Drafting 
Clark, JohnnyMechanical Engineer -- School Planning919.807.3566
 Mechanical and Plumbing Plan Review 
 School Indoor Air Quality 
 QZABs (Qualified Zone and Academy Bonds) 
Collier, RonArchitect -- School Planning919.807.3562
 Architectural Plan Review 
Crews, MelanieConsultant -- Management and Operations, Zone 6, School Nutrition Services252.321.8052
Dietzel, GayleAdministrative Assistant -- Plant Operation919.807.3541
Early, IvyConsultant -- Summer Nutrition Opportunities, School Nutrition Services919.807.3506
Ervin, CynthiaSenior Consultant -- Summer Nutrition Programs, School Nutrition Services919.807.3505
Fairchild, DrewSection Chief -- Textbook Services919.715.5379
 Policies / Procedures 
Fiorella, FrankConsultant -- Management and Operations, Zone 4, School Nutrition Services415.902.4481
Gattis, KenSenior Research and Evaluation Coordinator919.807.3974
Graham, DerekSection Chief -- Transportation Services919.807.3571
 School Bus Laws and Policies, Seat Belts, Stops and Ride Times 
 Funding Formula 
 TIMS (Transportation Information Management System) 
Green, ChrisStock Clerk -- Textbook Services919.715.5376
Green, PattyLead Consultant -- Administrative Reviews, School Nutrition Services252.235.8257
Harding, LindaConsultant -- Management and Operations, Zone 2, School Nutrition Services919.218.4625
Harrison, KevinComputer Consultant -- Transportation Services919.807.3579
 BSIP (Business Systems Information Portals) 
 DOT (Department of Transportation) System 
 SAP (System Analysis and Program Development) 
Harvey, LynnSection Chief -- School Nutrition Services919.807.3506
Held, SherrySpecialist -- Nutrition Services, Zone 1, School Nutrition Services828.371.5526
Henson, RandyTransportation Consultant -- Western Area828.964.1501
Hinton, SarahAssistant Chief -- Nutrition Services Unit, School Nutrition Services252.459.5652
Hood, BrianClaims Manager -- Insurance919.807.3532
Hopkins, JenniferSpecialist -- Nutrition Services, Zone 4, School Nutrition Services919.308.5505
Johnson, JanetAssistant Chief -- Finance, Data and Program Management Unit, School Nutrition Services919.807.4043
Johnson, LauraSpecialist -- Nutrition Services, Zone 7, School Nutrition Services919.807.3506
Jones, JonElectrical Engineer -- School Planning919.807.3556
 Electrical Plan Review 
Jones, NellStock Clerk -- Textbook Services919.733.3708
Jones, PamAdministrative Assistant -- School Planning919.807.3557
Katkhordeh, FarziSpecialist -- Nutrition Services, Zone 5, School Nutrition Services919.608.1240
Kelly-Knight, DonnaConsultant -- Communications, School Nutrition Services919.807.3512
Lawson, KimSection Chief -- Plant Operation919.807.3542
 Civil Engineering 
 Roofing / Reroofing Design 
Logan, KarlDriver Education Consultant984.289.4241
Lovett, DanStock Clerk -- Textbook Services919.733.7993
Massey, AnitaAccounting -- Textbook Services919.715.5377
 Orders / Publisher 
Matthews, BenDeputy Chief Financial Officer for Operations, Safe and Healthy Schools Support Division919.807.3501
Matthews, MichaelStock Clerk -- Textbook Services919.715.5376
Mayse, MyraLead Consultant -- Administrative Reviews, School Nutrition Services336.501.2586
McGowan, JacquelynCompliance Specialist -- School Nutrition Services919.807.3595
McKay-Tucker, ZoeConsultant -- Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, School Nutrition Services919.807.3517
Merritt, JeffConsultant -- Systems Management and Information Technology, School Nutrition Services919.807.3515
Mills, DavidAdministrative Assistant -- School Nutrition Services919.807.3274
Nathan, MauneArchitect -- School Planning919.807.3565
 Architectural Plan Review 
 Online Information 
 Prototype Schools 
Otts, LeslieSpecialist -- Nutrition Services, Zone 6, School Nutrition Services252.330.7944
Perry, PhilEngineer -- Plant Operation919.807.3550
 Mechanical Engineering 
Peters, BobTransportation Consultant919.807.3574
 School Bus Specifications 
 Service Trucks 
Phelps, KenLead Consultant -- School Planning919.807.3561
 Public School Capital Building Fund 
 School Long-Range Facility Needs -- School Planning 
 Cost Data 
Ross, ReginaldConsultant -- Management and Operations, Zone 3, School Nutrition Services704.598.5337
Saunders, DerrickStock Supervisor -- Textbook Services919.733.7993
Sharpe, RebeccaConsultant -- Management and Operations, Zone 5, School Nutrition Services919.395.1732
Sheets, PamConsultant -- Management and Operations, Zone 7, School Nutrition Services919.649.7819
Shuler, DianeConsultant -- Management and Operations, Zone 1, School Nutrition Services828.736.1387
Silver, LatarshaCommunications -- Insurance919.807.3525
 Reports -- Insurance 
 Coverage and Cancellation 
Sitton, MaryConsultant -- Procurement, School Nutrition Services252.290.1708
Smith, FloSpecialist -- Nutrition Services, Zone 3, School Nutrition Services919.218.7786
Smith, PamAccounting -- Insurance919.807.3523
 Payments -- Insurance 
 Coverage and Cancellation 
Squires, JeffreyLead Consultant -- Administrative Reviews, School Nutrition Services252.406.6586
Surrett, FredrickFire Safety Inspector -- Insurance919.807.3535
Tatum, StephanieCompliance Specialist -- Summer Nutrition Programs, School Nutrition Services336.508.0036
Taylor, RobertTransportation Consultant -- Central Area336.880.3675
Thompson, SusanLead Consultant -- Continuing Education and Resource Development Unit, School Nutrition Services919.218.4090
Townsend, EileenSection Chief -- Insurance919.807.3522
 Workers' Compensation 
Tucker, JohnEngineer -- Plant Operation919.807.3564
 Environmental Services 
Tyndall, GlenwoodFire Safety Inspector -- Insurance919.807.3529
Tyson, TaraConsultant -- Financial Management, School Nutrition Services919.807.3508
Upshaw, OliverAdministrative Assistant -- Textbook Services919.715.5378
 Drivers Education Manuals 
 Order Status 
Vacant, Mental Health and Allied Health Consultant919.807.3858
 Fire Safety Inspector -- Insurance 
 Fire Safety Inspector -- Insurance 
 Engineer -- Plant Operation 
 Electrical Engineering 
 Engineer -- Plant Operation 
 Environmental Services 
 Water / Wastewater 
 Indoor Air Quality 
 Engineer -- Plant Operation 
 Mechanical Services 
 Administrative Assistant -- School Nutrition Services 
 Consultant -- Systems Management and Information Technology, School Nutrition Services 
 Senior Compliance Specialist -- School Nutrition Services 
Ward, MattEngineer -- Plant Operation919.807.3548
 Mechanical Services 
Warren, TripSpecialist -- Nutrition Services, Zone 2, School Nutrition Services828.386.1196
Waters, TraciAdministrative Assistant -- Insurance919.807.3521
Watkins, MelodyAdministrative Assistant -- School Nutrition Services919.807.3526
West, TeresaAdministrative Assistant -- Transportation Services919.807.3570
Wheeler, KarlaAssistant Chief -- Management and Operations Unit, School Nutrition Services919.807.3518
Whitley, KeithTransportation Consultant -- Eastern Area252.235.7422
Williams, TeriAdministrative Assistant -- Safe and Healthy Schools Support Division919.807.3500