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Banks, UrsulaAccountant, School Nutrition Services919.807.3513
Bates, TraceySchool Nutrition Consultant, Nutrition Education919.807.3508
Beachum, SteveContracts919.807.3576
 DWI Vehicles 
 Exceptional Children 
 Transportation Consultant 
Benson, WandaAccounting, Textbook Services919.715.5372
 Allotments / Accounts -- Textbooks 
 Orders / Modified Orders 
Blount, JudyAccountant, Textbook Services919.733.7992
 Budget Activity 
Brafford, PatAdministrative Assistant -- School Nutrition Services919.807.4044
Bristow, AnnaSchool Nutrition Consultant, Management and Operations, Region 4910.986.1213
Byrd, JacksonFire Safety Inspector, Insurance919.807.3533
Chang, LongPupil Population Projections919.807.3563
 QSCBs (Qualified School Construction Bonds) 
 State Bonds 
 Structural Plan Review 
 Sturctural Engineer, School Planning 
Church, DustinCADD Drafting919.807.3544
 Engineer Technician, Plant Operation 
Clark, JohnnyMechanical and Plumbing Plan Review919.807.3566
 Mechanical Engineer, School Planning 
 QZABs (Qualified Zone and Academy Bonds) 
 School Indoor Air Quality 
Cockrell, LarryFire Safety Inspector, Insurance919.807.3531
Collier, RonArchitect, School Planning919.807.3562
 Architectural Plan Review 
Crews, MelanieSchool Nutrition Consultant, Management and Operations, Region 1252.321.8052
Dietzel, GayleAdministrative Assistant -- Plant Operation919.807.3541
Ervin, CynthiaSchool Nutrition Consultant, Seamless Summer919.807.3505
Fairchild, DrewPolicies / Procedures919.715.5379
 Section Chief, Textbook Services 
Gattis, KenSenior Research and Evaluation Coordinator919.807.3974
Graham, DerekAllotments -- Transportation919.807.3571
 Funding Formula 
 School Bus Laws and Policies, Seat Belts, Stops and Ride Times 
 Section Chief, Transportation Services 
 TIMS (Transportation Information Management System) 
Green, ChrisStock Clerk, Textbook Services919.715.5376
Green, PattySchool Nutrition Consultant, Management and Operations, Region 7252.235.8257
Harding, LindaSchool Nutrition Consultant, Management and Operations, Region 5919.218.4625
Harrison, KevinBSIP (Business Systems Information Portals)919.807.3579
 Computer Consultant, Transportation Services 
 DOT (Department of Transportation) System 
 SAP (System Analysis and Program Development) 
Harvey, LynnSection Chief, School Nutrition Services919.807.3506
Held, SherrySchool Nutrition Consultant, Nutrition Services, Region 8828.371.5526
Henson, RandyTransportation Consultant, Western Area828.964.1501
Hinton, SarahAssistant Chief, Nutrition Services Unit, School Nutrition Services252.459.5652
Hood, BrianClaims Manager, Insurance919.807.3532
Hopkins, JenniferSchool Nutrition Consultant, Nutrition Services, Region 2919.308.5505
Johnson, JanetAssistant Chief, Finance, Data and Program Management Unit, School Nutrition Services919.807.4043
Johnson, LauraSchool Nutrition Consultant, Nutrition Services, Region 5919.807.3506
Jones, JonElectrical Engineer, School Planning919.807.3556
 Electrical Plan Review 
Jones, NellStock Clerk, Textbook Services919.733.3708
Katkhordeh, FarziSchool Nutrition Consultant, Nutrition Services, Region 4919.608.1240
Kelly-Knight, DonnaSchool Nutrition Consultant, Communications919.807.3512
Lawson, KimCivil Engineering919.807.3542
 Roofing / Reroofing Design 
 Section Chief, Plant Operation 
Lovett, DanStock Clerk, Textbook Services919.733.7993
Marinaro, ChristineAdministrative Assistant -- School Nutrition Services919.807.3510
Massey, AnitaAccounting, Textbook Services919.715.5377
 Orders / Publisher 
Matthews, BenDeputy Chief Financial Officer for Operations, Safe and Healthy Schools Support Division919.807.3501
Matthews, MichaelStock Clerk, Textbook Services919.715.5376
Mayse, MyraSchool Nutrition Consultant, Management and Operations, Region 8336.501.2586
McGowan, JacquelynSchool Nutrition Compliance Consultant, Charter / Non-Public Schools / RCCIs / Special Milk Program919.807.3595
McKay-Tucker, ZoeSchool Nutrition Consultant, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program919.807.3517
Merritt, JeffSchool Nutrition Consultant, Information Technology919.807.3515
Mills, DavidAdministrative Assistant -- School Nutrition Services919.807.3274
Minard, ChrisMental Health & Allied Health Consultant919.807.3858
Mobley, ToddElectrical Engineering919.807.3746
 Engineer, Plant Operation 
Nathan, MauneArchitect, School Planning919.807.3565
 Architectural Plan Review 
 Online Information 
 Prototype Schools 
Otts, LeslieSchool Nutrition Consultant, Nutrition Services, Region 1252.330.7944
Perry, PhilEngineer, Plant Operation919.807.3550
 Mechanical Engineering 
Peters, BobSchool Bus Specifications919.807.3574
 Service Trucks 
 Transportation Consultant 
Phelps, KenLead Consultant, School Planning919.807.3561
 Cost Data 
 Public School Capital Building Fund 
 School Long-Range Facility Needs, Planning 
Piner, TadSchool Nutrition Consultant, Information Technology919.807.3511
Ray, PamAdministrative Assistant -- School Planning919.807.3557
Ross, ReginaldSchool Nutrition Consultant, Management and Operations, Region 6704.598.5337
Saunders, DerrickStock Supervisor, Textbook Services919.733.7993
Sharpe, RebeccaSchool Nutrition Consultant, Management and Operations, Region 2919.395.1732
Sheets, PamSchool Nutrition Consultant, Charter / Non-Public Schools, Regions 1, 2 and 3919.649.7819
Shuler, DianeSchool Nutrition Consultant, Charter / Non-Public Schools, Regions 6, 7 and 8828.736.1387
Silver, LatarshaCommunications, Insurance919.807.3525
 Coverage and Cancellation 
Simmons, WandaAdministrative Assistant -- Transportation Services919.807.3570
Sitton, MarySchool Nutrition Consultant, Procurement252.290.1708
Smith, FlorestineSchool Nutrition Consultant, Nutrition Services, Region 6919.218.7786
Smith, PamAccounting, Insurance919.807.3523
 Coverage and Cancellation 
Squires, JeffreySchool Nutrition Consultant, Management and Operations, Region 3252.406.6586
Surrett, FredrickFire Safety Inspector, Insurance919.807.3535
Suttles, SarAnnAssistant Chief, Management and Operations Unit, School Nutrition Services828.437.2944
Tatum, StephanieSchool Nutrition Consultant, Charter / Non-Public Schools, Regions 4 and 5336.508.0036
Taylor, RobertTransportation Consultant, Central Area336.880.3675
Thompson, SusanLead Consultant, Continuing Education and Resource Development Unit, School Nutrition Services919.218.4090
Townsend, EileenPolicies919.807.3522
 Section Chief, Insurance 
 Workers' Compensation 
Tucker, JohnEngineer, Plant Operation919.807.3564
 Environmental Services 
Tyndall, GlenwoodFire Safety Inspector, Insurance919.807.3529
Tyson, TaraSchool Nutrition Consultant, Financial Management919.807.3508
Upshaw, OliverAdministrative Assistant -- Textbook Services919.715.5378
 Drivers Education Manuals 
 Order Status 
Vacant, Fire Safety Inspector, Insurance919.807.3534
 Engineer, Plant Operation 
 Engineer, Plant Operation 
 Environmental Services 
 Indoor Air Quality 
 Mechanical Services 
 Water / Wastewater 
 School Nutrition Consultant, Nutrition Services, Region 3 
Ward, MattEngineer, Plant Operation919.807.3548
 Mechanical Services 
Warren, TripSchool Nutrition Consultant, Nutrition Services, Region 7828.386.1196
Waters, TraciAdministrative Assistant -- Insurance919.807.3521
Watkins, MelodyAdministrative Assistant -- School Nutrition Services919.807.3526
Wheeler, KarlaSenior Compliance Consultant, Traditional Public Schools, School Nutrition Services919.807.3518
Whitley, KeithTransportation Consultant, Eastern Area252.235.7422
Williams, TeriAdministrative Assistant -- Safe and Healthy Schools Support919.807.3500