LEAs follow these directions for ordering Driving Eligibility Certificates (DECs). Orders are processed each week, so please allow two weeks for shipping and receipt of DECs.

To request DECs, provide the following in the itemized list below. Fax request to Teri Williams at 919-807-3502 or email to teri.williams@dpi.nc.gov.

  1. The name of your school district.
  2. The name and e-mail address of the central school system contact for Driving Eligibility.
  3. The name and contact phone number of the central school system recipient for the DECs.
  4. The physical address for your school district as well as the district's courier #.
  5. The current number of DECs your ENTIRE school system has on hand.
  6. The number of DECs your ENTIRE school system issues each year.
  7. The number of DECs you are requesting. Please keep in mind that the annual order is shipped to LEAs each September/October. Therefore, please indicate how many DECs you'll need prior to the annual order.

NOTE: We mail DECs via US Mail or Courier service to the central school system office only. Therefore, on official school system letterhead please be sure to provide: the name of your public school system, a central school district office contact recipient name, physical address, e-mail address, phone number, and courier #.

Non public schools and home schools, please contact the Division of Non Public Education at: www.ncdnpe.org. GED-Basic Skills offices please contact the NC Community College System, Basic Skills office.