Schools involved in the turnaround process are required to develop a Framework for Action that will guide improvement activities for the school. Ideally, the Framework will be a collaborative effort that involves the school district leadership, school leadership and faculty and students and parents as appropriate using the Standard School Improvement planning process. Each Framework will include similar components, but will be individualized to reflect the Turnaround Assessment Team findings and circumstances of the specific school. The Framework for Action should incorporate a step by step description of the actions to be taken to implement each chosen objectives as well as the people and resources involved. The following components must be addressed:

  • Plan for 9th grade transition
  • Plan for formative assessment
  • Plan for assistance to struggling students
  • Plan for identifying and addressing literacy issues and needs
  • Plan professional development based on student achievement data
  • Plan for reviewing all school processes and procedures to ensure that they are structured to help all students achieve proficiency
  • Process for involving the total school community in addressing the needs of the school
  • Process for establishing a Professional Learning Community
  • Process for determining whether the school will redesign or reform 2006-07 Process for implementation redesign or reform 2007-08