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The data used to build the 2016-17 NC School Report Cards (SRC) has been divided into tables, each provided in the links below, along with a data dictionary. The tables are labeled with the section and tab of the SRC the data is used to populate (ex. School Profile → School Information). The zip file at the bottom of the page contains all tables for ease of download.

Data Dictionary
Descriptions of the data elements for each data table used to build the NC School Report Cards. The code definitions for all tables are at the end of this document.
(pdf, 51kb)

Profile Table
School Profile → School Information/School Size
(xlsx, 4.5mb)

Profile Metrics Table
School Profile → Average Class Size
(xlsx, 7.4mb)

Funding Table
District Profile → Funding
(xlsx, 5.3mb)

School Performance Grade Table
School Performance → School Performance Grade
(xlsx, 349kb)

READY Accountability Tables
School Performance → EOG/EOC/The ACT/ACT WorkKeys/Passing Math III/Cohort Grad Rate

Read to Achieve Table
School Performance → Read to Achieve
(xlsx, 2.8mb)

Participation Targets Overall Table
School Performance → Participations Targets
(xlsx, 2.2mb)

School Indicators Table
School Indicators → SAT/AP/IB
(xlsx, 3.4mb)

Specialized Course Enrollment Table
School Indicators → Specialized Course Enrollment
(xlsx, 271kb)

College Enrollment Table
School Indicators → College Enrollment
(xlsx, 3.5mb)

Environment Table
School Environment → Attendance/Digital Learning Devices/Safety
(xlsx, 5.1mb)

Personnel Table
Personnel → Classroom Teachers/Licenses/Highly Qualified/Teachers with Advanced Degrees/NBCT/Teacher Turnover
(xlsx, 9.4mb)

Educator Experience
Personnel → Teacher/Principal Experience
(xlsx, 4.7mb)

Educator Effectiveness
Personnel → Teacher and Administrator Effectiveness
(xlsx, 19.2mb)

Student Characteristics Table
Student Readiness
(xlsx, 63kb)
Economically Disadvantaged
(xlsx, 108kb)

Career and Technical Education Table
(xlsx, 115kb)
(xlsx, 24kb)