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General Overview of the NC School Report Cards
This short summary provides some background information about the Report Cards.

Frequently Asked Questions
Here you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the NC School Report Cards.

What's New for the 2015-16 Release?
This short overview gives brief descriptions about those indicators that have been changed or added for the current version of the NC School Report Cards.

Quick Guide
(pdf, 5.8mb)

Navigation Video
This eight-minute video introduces the NC School Report Cards website and explains how to navigate through the different elements of a Report Card.

SRC Snapshot Video
This 3-minute video explains how to print the Snapshot, or PDF version, of the NC School Report Cards.

Finding & Comparing SRC Data

A Closer Look at Data Objects in a School or District Report
This two-minute video explains how to view a data object in a report and drill down for more information.