State Superintendent June Atkinson values input from all members of the public education community. Consequently, she convenes quarterly meetings of advisory groups composed of parents, principals, and superintendents. Advisory members have been recognized at the state and/or national level(s) for their outstanding service, wisdom, and experience in public education. Many members were nominated for membership at the local or regional level. Each group is therefore comprised of diverse members from every region of North Carolina.

Their mission is to examine and comment upon issues important to public education in North Carolina. In turn, Superintendent Atkinson relays their thoughts, observations, and concerns to the other advisory groups, to the North Carolina State Board of Education, and to other stakeholders in K-12 public education.

This direct, face-to-face, broad-based connection to the Department of Public Instruction's constituency fulfills State Superintendent Atkinson's goals of gathering feedback about proposed initiatives from a variety of audiences representing the State of North Carolina and using that information to improve the quality of public education in North Carolina.