In today's global society, excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; STEM Education and its relevant resources are essential program components contributing to a coordinated statewide STEM strategy to build a workforce competitive in today's economy.  STEM education, however, is not new to North Carolina.  Dating back to the establishment of the Research Triangle Park in the 1950’s, North Carolina has viewed STEM education as critical to the success of our economic development.

STEM Education is an economic imperative to:

  • Transform education
  • Build world class workforce
  • Align with emerging industries
  • Ensure NC economic prosperity

Leaders in education, the Governor’s Education Cabinet, the Lieutenant Governor’s office, Joining our Businesses and Schools (JOBS) Commission, business and industry, private sector and the seven economic development regions convened through extensive conversations which led to the development of a North Carolina STEM Strategic Plan. The plan aligns all education institutions with a set of goals and measures to expand education initiatives focusing on three priorities. 

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North Carolina STEM Education Strategic Plan
Outlines the priorities and strategies for implementing STEM schools and programs in North Carolina.
(pdf, 1.1mb)

Framework at-a-Glance for North Carolina Statewide STEM Education Strategic Plan
(pdf, 354kb)

  • Priority 1: Increase STEM Achievement through a set of Attributes for STEM schools and programs
    (pdf, 97kb)

  • Priority 2: Bolster community understanding and support

  • Priority 3: Connect, leverage, and increase STEM Resources