STEM Education is one strategy North Carolina is using to build a world-class workforce that leads to graduation and postsecondary education. Students will enter high skill careers as well as high wage and high demand careers in North Carolina and our global economy.  PK-12 and postsecondary education, with innovation and business partners, are working in unison to develop exemplar programs in the schools.

North Carolina recognizes STEM Education in schools and programs at the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. To be recognized as a STEM school or program on the "prepared" or "model" level all eleven Attributes must be attained to be a quality STEM program. These Attributes were endorsed by the JOBS Commission and adopted by the North Carolina State Board of Education. 

NC STEM Attribute Implementation Rubrics
STEM Attribute Implementation Rubrics have been developed for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools or Programs.  The rubrics outline the quality indicators of each STEM Attribute in addition to representing varying depths of implementation, or quality, for each attribute.  All eleven Attributes must be attained for schools or programs to be recognized as a quality STEM Program.

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  • High School: NC STEM Attribute Implementation Rubric
    (pdf, 563kb)

  • Middle School: NC STEM Attribute Implementation Rubric
    (pdf, 514kb)

  • Elementary School: NC STEM Attribute Implementation Rubric
    (pdf, 514kb)

Attributes of a NC STEM School/Program
(pdf, 193kb)  

Attributes of a Future-Ready STEM High School/Program of Achievement
(pdf, 109kb)