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The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's (NCDPI) dedication to building a world-class workforce through innovative STEM education has partnered with The North Carolina New Schools to build a network of STEM-themed high schools throughout the state. North Carolina New Schools in collaboration with NCDPI has identified 20 themed high schools tied to the economic development of the state.  These schools serve as either Anchor or Affiliate Network high schools that reflect the areas workforce development in either: Aerospace, Security, and Automation, Biotechnology and Agriscience, Energy and Sustainability, or Health and Life Sciences.

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North Carolina Race to the Top Proposal – Priority 2: Competitive Preference Priority – Emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
(pdf, 154kb)

Race to the Top Anchor and Affinity High Schools by Economic Development Focus
(pdf, 182kb)

Anchor and Affinity Schools by School System
(pdf, 190kb)

North Carolina New Schools
North Carolina New Schools joins with partners in business, education and government at every level to develop and support innovative secondary schools that share a fundamental goal: Engage all students with powerful approaches to teaching and learning and graduate all students ready for college, careers and life.

The Race to the Top (RttT) grant identified a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Priority to identify a network of 20 STEM-focused schools consisting of 4 Anchor high schools and 16 Affinity Network high schools.  The schools are mapped by the North Carolina Seven Economic Workforce Development Regions.