Where may I find information about the North Carolina Textbook Commission and the adoption process?

Textbook Adoption
6th Floor, Education Building
301 North Wilmington Street
Raleigh, NC 27601-2825
Dr. Carmella Fair 919.807.3776
Teresa Parker 919.807.3837

A list of the Textbook Commission members and a brief outline of the adoption process is located on this website.

Where may I find information about textbook orders placed with the state?

Textbook Warehouse
3905 Reedy Creek Road
Raleigh, NC 27607

Where may I find a list of all textbooks used in the schools of North Carolina?

Much of the North Carolina Textbook Catalog is online. The most current adoptions may be found on this website. The database of current adoptions will continue to grow until the complete catalog is online.

Where do I find out information about specific courses or curricula?

Curricula questions should be directed to Department of Public Instruction consultants who deal with the specific discipline in question. Consult the Education Directory for names of Department personnel and their telephone numbers.

Our textbook order has not arrived. Whom should I contact?

Call the Textbook Warehouse at 919.715.5371.

Where can I find the criteria the Textbook Commission uses to evaluate materials submitted for consideration?

The current year's evaluation sheets are located on this website.

Where can I find a schedule for future adoptions?

A Five-Year Tentative Adoption schedule (which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open) is located on this website.

If a new edition comes out, will the edition presently on contract remain on contract or will it be replaced by the newer edition?

A publisher is required to submit a newer edition of an adopted title to the Textbook Adoptions office for substitution within sixty days of the newer edition being published. Subject area consultants in the Department of Public Instruction review the new edition and make a recommendation to substitute or not. The criteria for substitution is that the newer edition and the edition presently on contract (the older edition) may be used in the same classroom. The Textbook Warehouse does not stock two editions of the same title. If the newer edition is approved for substitution, then it replaces the older edition on contract. Publishers may not request substitutions prior to October 1 of year two of the adoption.

How can we dispose of textbooks that are no longer on contract?

LEAs may dispose of textbooks, which are no longer on the state-adopted textbook list by sale, gift, or exchange. LEAs shall remit proceeds of sale to the department. The department shall credit these proceeds to the LEA's textbook account. (16 NCAC 6D.0210)

Are there resources that can help me evaluate the current textbooks that have been approved for adoption by the State Board of Education?

Yes, Instructional Services has developed brochures that contain useful information for selecting K-6, 6-8, and 9-12 textbooks and materials. To obtain a copy, please call appropriate content area listed in The Education Directory.

Are adopted materials available in languages other than English?

Some publishing companies publish translations of the materials that are on the North Carolina adopted textbook list. These translations are not adopted and are not available from the Textbook Warehouse. The Textbook Adoptions Office collects information from publishers regarding foreign language materials that are available from the publisher. To determine if a translation of a textbook is available call the Textbook Adoption office at 919.807.3869.

Are materials available for seeing impaired students?

The Department of Public Instruction provides modified textbooks (Braille, large print, and audiocassette) for students with special needs. Orders for modified textbooks are placed with the Textbook Warehouse at 919.715.5371.