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Where may I find information about the North Carolina Textbook Commission and the adoption process?

Textbook Adoption Services
Instructional Services Division
5th Floor, Education Building
301 North Wilmington Street
Raleigh, NC 27601-2825
Donna Brown 919. 807.3443
Sylvia Moore 919.807.3819

A list of the Textbook Commission members and a brief outline of the adoption process is located on this website.

Where may I find information about textbook orders placed with the state?

Textbook Services (Textbook Warehouse)
3905 Reedy Creek Road
Raleigh, NC 27607

Where may I find a list of all textbooks used in the schools of North Carolina?

Much of the North Carolina Textbook Catalog is online. The most current adoptions (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004) may be found on this website. The database of current adoptions will continue to grow until the complete catalog is online.

Where do I find out information about specific courses or curricula?

Curricula questions should be directed to Department of Public Instruction consultants who deal with the specific discipline in question. Consult the Education Directory for names of Department personnel and their telephone numbers.

Where can I go to look at textbooks my children are using in their classes?

There are several places that you may look at textbooks:

  1. You may review the books your child is issued.

  2. Adopted textbooks are also housed at the Textbook Warehouse located at 2905 Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh. Appointments are necessary. Call (919) 715-5371.

    (Since North Carolina has multiple adoptions throughout the state, it is necessary to determine the textbooks your child uses prior to visiting Textbook Library or the Textbook Warehouse.)

One of my child's classes does not have enough books for everyone. What can I do?

There are several reasons that every child may not be issued a book for every subject. Contact the child's teacher or principal if you perceive there is a problem.

May parents of public school students purchase textbooks?

Parents of public school students may purchase textbooks from the Textbook Warehouse or from Local Education Agencies.

May home schools and private schools purchase textbooks from the Textbook Warehouse?

No, North Carolina Public Law states that the adopted textbooks are for the use of public school students. Home schools and private schools may not purchase textbooks from the Textbook Warehouse or from their local school system.