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The North Carolina State Board of Education welcomes input from the public regarding the textbooks and instructional materials selected for adoption and use in the public schools.

Following the approval by the North Carolina State Board of Education of the list of recommended textbook titles, input from the public may be submitted to the Textbook Administrator on the Public Review Form (pdf, 12kb). The recommended textbooks will be located in the Textbook Warehouse (3905 Reedy Creek Road Raleigh, NC) for public review and will be available to the public after the evaluation process has been completed.

The Public Input form is then reviewed by the content area consultants at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and they will make recommendations regarding the input. This process can involve both internal and external experts.

After reviewing the information, the consultants will compile a report for the Textbook Administrator. The Textbook Administrator will contact the publishers to make them aware of the results of the consultants’ findings. The findings will be communicated as appropriate.