Corporal Pruitt Rainey Brass to Class Act

Get Paid for your Military Experience

The Brass to Class Act is a North Carolina law that exclusively benefits veterans teaching K-12. The Act states that “one full year of experience credit shall be awarded for every two years of full-time instructional or leadership duties while on active military duty in the Armed Forces of the United States, regardless of academic degree held while in instruction or leadership roles.”

Every year of teaching experience credit currently equals a $1,000 pay raise (may vary over time).

Veterans cannot have been employed by a North Carolina School District in any capacity before July, 1 2014 to qualify for this credit.*

What you will need:

  1. DD-214 to verify honorable discharge
  2. DD-2586 – Verification of Military Experience and Credit (VMET)
  3. Annual Performance Reports (OER, NCOER, ERP, FITREPS) showing a leadership or instructor position after initial professional military leadership training.
    • Must be On Active Orders, Part Time Guard and Reserve status does not qualify

Required Documents need to be submitted to Employing School District Human Resources Office.


Salary Example:


NC Starting Teacher Pay
4 years Military Instructor
8 years Section Sergeant
Veteran Adjusted Starting Teacher
May increase with local school district supplements*


Corporal Pruitt Rainey The act is named in honor of Corporal Pruitt Rainey who was killed in action in Afghanistan on July 13, 2008 during the Battle of Wanat. He had planned on returning home to Alamance County to become a Physical Education Teacher and Wrestling Coach.