Eligibility for hire in North Carolina, as viewed by Troops to Teachers, basically boils down to meeting one of three broad eligibility requirements.

  1. You have completed a state approved teacher education program and been recommended for a license by an education program in your respective state. This program meets NCATE or NASDTEC accreditation standards.
  2. You already have a teaching license in another state with which North Carolina has a reciprocating agreement.
  3. You meet the state requirements for a lateral entry hire, which means a school system has the option of hiring you because you meet those minimum state standards.

If you fall into one of these categories and you've been accepted with Troops to Teachers, you can request us to perform a "job sweep" for your particular geographic desire. Please call us to make this request. 888.878.1600.

Vocational teaching is a separate set of requirements and generally for a provisional license to be issued at the request of a school system hiring you; you would need a high school diploma and four years of work experience in the trade skill for trades related education positions. Two of those years of work experience should be within the last five years.

There are far fewer vocational teaching positions than academic positions and is generally much harder to find vacancies in these areas.